Audio Recording



Your next audio recording awaits!!



The best microphones,

instruments, software, and

recording studio engineers

await your music.


Come create in our audio recording studio's 900 ft² live room with live or carpeted feel, acoustically treated control room, isolated vocal booth, or custom reverb chamber.

MusicMann Recording Studios captures your sound through careful mic placement, we find the right mic for the right sound, and pass it through vintage preamps.  Drums sound tight and thunderous with our added one of a kind natural room reverb.

We can split your guitar signal to any number of in house amps and mix them together to create you custom sound.  Vocals are clean, wide, and present.  Drums sound tight and thunderous with our added one of a kind natural room reverb.  Glassy reverbs and delays, parallell compression, subtle doublers, we use it all discretely to make your mix soar.


Bring your own gear or use ours.  Complimentary instruments and amplifiers are included.


Let us find the best microphone and preamp combination to make your sound come alive.


Find the right sound and put the mic in the right place.


Sit with us and mix your song to perfection or send us your tracks via file uploader.


Record a doubled vocal through a Green Bullet (harmonica mic) into a vintage '65 Gibson Lancer guitar combo amp with the gain off and reverb up, giving you a completely unique sound.  Or perhaps you'd like to run our classic '78 Rhodes electric piano through a hand wound Vox AC30 and get the tubes to break up a little when you really pound on it.

Afterwards, our audio recording studio engineers will apply decades of knowledge to mix your sounds together to give you a warm, wide, balanced track where each and every voice can be heard to its intended level.

Our Latest Recording Projects