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If you are a hobbyist looking to create great sounding music for fun, or an aspiring professional out to win a Grammy Award, our video training will teach you expert techniques for recording and mixing your music that you can use in any home or project studio.

This low priced subscription includes all our recording & mixing training (including our pro level training) and all the new training that comes out during your subscription period.

We’ve spent years putting together an incredible series of videos that will take you from the most basic concepts, to an in-depth knowledge of how the best producers and engineers craft the songs you love. Recording and mixing is very complicated but this series will make it easy. We’ll also take you into a pro studio with world-class players, and then show you how to do all of this in any home or project studio. Now you can subscribe and stream our training at a very low & affordable price.

This is for hobbyist and aspiring pros, beginner to pro levels, and applies to all digital and analogue systems, and all software.

Secrets of the Pros Features

  • You will quickly learn to record and mix like a pro with this fun and easy to follow video series.
  • This is for hobbyist and aspiring pros alike, beginner to pro levels, and applies to all digital/software and analogue systems.
  • Endorsed by 4 multi Grammy Award winners and several other in-demand Producers and Engineers.
  • We cover everything from setting up your studio properly, recording, MIDI, mixing, mic techniques, and much more.
  • Includes a 1, 2, 3, or 5 month subscription to over 200 videos (we’re constantly adding more too), and audio tracks you can download to review and practice with in your studio.