Accusonus Beat Making Bundle 2 - Software Package for Pro Audio Production (Download)

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The Accusonus Beat Making Bundle 2 includes the Regroover Pro beat-making software with all expansion packs included as well as the Beatformer beat-sculpting plug-in, and the Rhythmiq virtual instrument.

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The Accusonus Beat Making Bundle 2 includes the Regroover Pro beat-making software with all expansion packs included as well as the Beatformer beat-sculpting plug-in, and the Rhythmiq virtual instrument.

Great for house music, EDM, abstract electronica, trap, techno, and more, the bundle provides musicians and producers with a wide collection of loops and a powerful suite of tools to extract stems from audio loops, effortlessly shape their sound, and create original loop variations.

Accusonus Regroover Pro – Advanced Loop Unmixer Plug-In (Native, Download)

The Accusonus Regroover Pro is an advanced loop unmixer plug-in designed to separate audio loops into multiple layers and provide flexible audio manipulation for remixers, DJs, beatmakers, and producers in live performances and home, project, and commercial studios. Mix layers independently with built-in mixer effects such as gating, equalization, compression, transient shaping, saturation, and more while a master limiter prevents clipping at the output. Utilize Regroover Pro’s multichannel output to send layers to external effects.

Import and export audio files via simple drag-and-drop functionality. The selectable tempo sync function automatically adjusts your clip’s tempo to your session BPM. Edit sound layers manually, trigger layers and sounds via MIDI notes, and even load external sounds for further enhancement. Regroover Pro is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows systems and supports AAX, Audio Units, and VST plug-in formats.

  • Automatically splits (unmixes) audio loops into separate, distinct sound layers
  • Manually edit and reassign sound layers
  • Tweak analysis parameters for fewer or more layers
  • Built-in gate, EQ, compressor, stereo enhancer, master limiter, analog-inspired saturator, transient shaper, and more
  • Selectable pattern length and grid resolution
  • Sample rate automatically adjusts to match host DAW
  • Import WAV, AIFF, and CAF audio files
  • Play each sound layer or individual sounds via MIDI notes
  • Extract any sample or loop via drag-and-drop operation
  • Extract beat variations (patterns) as audio files
  • Use multiple pattern lengths to create new straight beats or polyrhythms
  • Route the multichannel output to external effects
  • Extract sounds from layers and drag them to their own trigger pads
  • Edit extracted sounds via the expansion kit mixer and effects
  • Load external sounds to enrich your expansion kits
  • Save expansion kits and create self-contained Regroover projects

Accusonus Beatformer Beat-Sculpting Plug-In (Download)

Accusonus Beatformer is an all-in-one, beat-sculpting plug-in that allows you to instantly transform the sound of your drums: Whether you want to glue your drum mix together; Bring energy into over-processed loops; Accentuate your kick drum by adding bottom end and punch; Or, emphasize the higher frequencies and increase the width of your signal with mid-side processing. You can also do transient shaping by either making the attack of your drums more prominent or squashing them for a more even sound.

Designed for the modern beat maker, Beatformer delivers a musical and transparent sound that allows for subtle-to-extreme audio processing, while still preserving the character and musicality of your drums. The streamlined UI facilitates a fast workflow and features four, large semantic knobs, which enable you to quickly adjust the four basic characteristics of a beat sound: low end, transients, dynamics, and harmonics.

The plug-in comes with a set of factory presets to help you get started right away.

Key Features

  • All-in-one, musical beat sculpting for the modern beat maker
  • Instantly transform the sound of your beats
  • Glue your drum mix together
  • Bring energy into over-processed loops
  • Easily enhance your beat’s dynamics
  • Add color and personal character to your beats
  • Add substance to thin sounds
  • Subtle-to-extreme audio processing
  • Transparent limiter
  • Uncompromised sound quality
  • Choice of L/R processing or mid-side processing to add width to your drums
  • Simple and streamlined user interface
  • Tuned algorithms for quick dynamics detection
  • Minimal CPU usage
  • Low latency (4 ms)
  • Resizable UI
  • Set of factory presets

Four Semantic Knobs

  • Boom: Smoothly boost the low end of the signal without the use of EQ
  • Punch: Quickly adjust the behavior of the transients of the input signal
  • Squash: Control the dynamic feel of the beat with a single knob
  • Air: Enhance the timbre of the sound with the dynamic creation of extra harmonics

Accusonus Rhythmiq – Software for the Rhythmic Manipulation of Tracks & Beats (Download)

Available for download, Accusonus Rhythmiq is a virtual instrument intended for the manipulation of drum loops. The software allows you to create a panoply of rhythmic variations and store your favorite ones in scenes and projects. You can perform your loops in real time within software such as Ableton Live. MIDI-map parameters to your favorite MIDI controller, and you can chop up your beats on the fly and even create fills out of them.

Rhythmiq offers a feature called the Beat Assistant, which facilitates infinite rhythmic permutations with only a few controls, making creative decisions easier to achieve. Supplied with ready-to-go content, Rhythmiq can also extract stems from your personal loops, separating them by frequency content, and offering them in three separate waveform views for manipulation.

Import audio files for manipulation either through the GUI’s menu or through drag-and-drop operation. Quantize beats through the Quantization menu or have the software determine the BPM of the selected loop automatically. Use controls like Reverse, Silence, and Arrange to create unique variations of your rhythms, and then press the Evolve buttons located below certain parameters to instantiate further changes as the beat plays on.

Rhythmiq is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms and has been fully tested in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10, although it will also work with other compatible DAWs, such as PreSonus Studio One, and Image-Line FL Studio. The software will operate in AU, VST, VST 2, and VST 3 plug-in formats.