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The Avid Media Composer NewsCutter Option is an add-on that adds full NewsCutter functionality to Avid Media Composer perpetual license systems running on Windows.

Geared toward high-pressure broadcast news editing, NewsCutter is designed to provide all the tools journalists need to produce news from the field or in the newsroom. The add-on includes legacy NRCS tools for viewing stories and rundowns, editing video to scripts with fast turnaround times, integration with newsroom automation systems like iNEWS and ENPS media servers, and production workflows suitable for national, regional, and local news stations.

Note:  The Media Composer NewsCutter Option is not available as an add-on option for Media Composer subscriptions and it is only compatible with Media Composer for Windows systems.

Deep Integration

Open an iNEWS or ENPS session in Media Composer, view the media to be fulfilled, edit, then send to playout.

Fast Turnarounds

Edit video to match a script’s content and duration without having to switch between apps to accelerate turnaround times.

iNEWS Locator Support

Drop preselected text based on iNEWS locaters directly on the Media Composer timeline to speed story creation.

ENPS Playlist Support

View Running Orders and dynamically build and control a playlist within an ENPS media server.