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Building upon the success of version 2, Bitwig Studio 3 offers a significant update to the production and performance DAW designed for the electronic and recording musician. Upgrades to the software include: The Grid, which is a modular sound design environment sporting 150+ modules with lightning-fast workflows; the Poly Grid device, where you can create synthesizers and sequenced patches; and the FX Grid device, for creating audio FX with optional voice stacking. Other notable upgrades include automatic project backups, a realtime ruler, Ableton LINK 3, a resigned instrument inspector, VU meters, and a reworking of the audio engine for timing improvements on all platforms. With over 80 instruments and plugins and over 10GB of world-class content, Bitwig Studio 3 has arrived as a professional digital audio workstation for Windows, Mac, and Linux, providing superfast workflows that are fully customizable and well suited for sound design, recording, and live performance.

Bitwig’s recording environment utilizes an object-based system for editing tracks, clips, virtual instruments, effects, and individual notes. Built-in parameter spectrographs provide visual feedback of how your settings influence parameters such as gain, velocity, panorama, and much more. In addition to the traditional linear multitrack recording view, the software offers an arranger clip launcher, for experimenting with non-linear looping while producing, and a mixer clip launcher view for live performance.

The program supports audio tracks with time-stretching and transient detection, instrument tracks with per-note micropitch control, and hybrid tracks that can accept both audio and MIDI instrument information. This enables bouncing note clips to audio in place and slicing audio to send to a sampler or drum machine. Multiple tracks can be edited simultaneously using layered editing, and automation can be applied at both the clip and track level. A suite of virtual instruments is included as well as full support for 32- / 64-bit VST and VST3 plug-ins. Each plug-in is opened as a separate process to prevent Bitwig Studio from crashing in case the VST plug-in crashes. A Unified Device System allows any device parameter, nested device, or plug-in to be modulated with macro controls, LFOs, note expressions, and envelope followers, as well as hardware parameters.

Workflow enhancements include multi-monitor support for up to 3 monitors. The 10GB factory content includes more than 2000 presets and clips, such as drum machines (808, 909, percussion), acoustic drums, multisampled instruments (Wurlitzer, Rhodes, vibraphone, marimba, acoustic and electric bass), instrument loops, various sound effects, and an Artist Collection Package. A context-based pop-up browser system allows for simple tagging and searching for music content. The software supports many popular MIDI devices out of the box, such as full integration with Nektar’s Panorama and Impact controllers, and provides an open-source JavaScript API for programming controller functionality.

Note:  Upgrade available to registered users of Bitwig 8-Track.

What’s New

  • The Grid, a modular sound-design environment sporting 150+ modules and lightning-fast workflows
  • Poly Grid Device: for creating synthesizers, sequenced patches, and more
  • FX Grid Device: for creating audio FX with optional voice stacking
  • Automatic Project Backups, each time you re-save a project
  • Realtime Ruler, showing timelines in minutes and seconds
  • Ableton LINK version 3, supporting start/stop synchronization
  • Global GUI Contrast settings, making the interface pop on any monitor
  • Redesigned Instrument Inspector, offering polyphony, two mono voice modes, and more
  • VU Meters in Routing Choosers, showing the signal you are looking for
  • Reworked audio backends, sporting timing improvements on all platforms

Bitwig Studio 3 Features

  • 32-bit floating point audio processing
  • Audio sample rate up to 192 kHz
  • Retina/High DPi display support
  • Audio import: WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC
  • Bounce and Bounce in Place
  • Unlimited Audio-, Instrument- and Effect Tracks
  • Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts & action mappings
  • Fast and flexible MIDI mapping tool
  • Audio and MIDI export
  • Choke groups
  • Scalable vector based GUI
  • Hybrid Tracks
  • Project Templates
  • Clip and Track automation
  • Tracks, Chains, and Devices can be deactivated to save CPU power
  • Plug-in Delay Compensation
  • Jack and ALSA Support
  • Micro Pitch in Note Editor
  • 7 Display Profiles for up to 3 monitors
  • Dynamic menu system
  • Smart tool switching
  • Built-in help section
  • Dashboard with easy access to projects, settings, and other resources

Grid Modules

  • I/O (18) – Terminal modules for signals entering or exiting this Grid device, such as Velocity In, Audio Out, and CV Pitch Out
  • Display (7) – Visualization and note-taking modules, such as Oscilloscope and Spectrum
  • Phase (14) – Modules that output wrapped phase signals, such as Phasor, Ø Scaler, and Ø Formant
  • Data (10) – Lookup modules that are read with incoming phase signals, such as Pitches, Probabilities, and Ø Window
  • Oscillator (7) – Periodic signal generators based on waveforms or samples, such as Pulse, Swarm, and Sampler
  • Random (4) – Aperiodic and randomized signal generators, such as S/H LFO and Dice
  • LFO (3) – Periodic low frequency oscillators, such as LFO and Transport
  • Envelope (4) – Modules that produce or extract an envelope, often with a normaled amplifier, such as ADSR and Follower
  • Filter (6) – Frequency-dependent amplifiers, such as Low-pass LD, SVF, and Comb
  • Shaper (6) – Various linear and nonlinear waveshapers, such as Quantizer and Wavefolder
  • Delay (5) – Delay functions, some allowing patched feedback, such as Mod Delay, All-pass, and Recorder
  • Mix (10) – Signal routing and mixing modules, such as Mixer, Split, and Stereo Width
  • Level (17) – Amplitude-based functions, values, and converters, such as Attenuate, Bend, and AM/RM
  • Pitch (5) – Modules that produce pitch values, such as Pitch Quantize and Zero Crossings
  • Math (18) – Basic arithmetic operators such as Subtract, Minmax, and Round
  • Logic (20) – Comparators and other modules that output logic signals, such as Clock Divide, =, and XOR

Bitwig Devices

Audio Effects

  • Amp
  • Bit-8
  • Blur
  • Chorus
  • Comb
  • Compressor
  • DC Offset
  • De-Esser
  • Delay-1
  • Delay-2
  • Delay-4
  • Distortion
  • Dual Pan
  • Dynamics
  • EQ-2
  • EQ-5
  • EQ-DJ
  • Filter
  • Flanger
  • Freq Shifter
  • Gate
  • Ladder
  • Oscilloscope
  • Peak Limiter
  • Phaser
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Resonator Bank
  • Reverb
  • Ring-Mod
  • Rotary
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Test Tone
  • Time Shift
  • Tool
  • Transient Control
  • Treemonster
  • Tremolo

Hardware Devices

  • HW Clock Out
  • HW CV Instrument
  • HW CV Out
  • HW FX
  • HW Instrument
  • MIDI Program Change
  • MIDI Song Select

Note Effects

  • Arpeggiator
  • Diatonic Transposer
  • Multi-Note
  • Note Echo
  • Note Filter
  • Note Harmonizer
  • Note Latch
  • Note Length
  • Note Pitch Shifter
  • Note Velocity
  • Transposition Map

Containers & Routers

  • Audio Receiver
  • Chain
  • Drum Machine
  • FX Layer
  • FX Selector
  • Instrument Layer
  • Instrument Selector
  • Mid-Side Split
  • Multiband FX-2
  • Multiband FX-3
  • Note Receiver
  • Replacer
  • Step MOD
  • XY Effect
  • XY Instrument


  • FM-4
  • Organ
  • Phase-4
  • Polysynth
  • Sampler
  • Amp


  • 4-Stage
  • ADSR
  • Audio Rate
  • Audio Sidechain
  • Beat LFO
  • Button
  • Buttons
  • Classic LFO
  • Envelope Follower
  • Expressions
  • HW CV In
  • Keytrack
  • LFO
  • Macro-4
  • Macro
  • Math
  • MIDI
  • Mix
  • Note Sidechain
  • Polynom
  • Quantize
  • Random
  • Sample and Hold
  • Select-4
  • Steps
  • Vector-4
  • Vector-8
  • Voice Stack
  • XY

Sound Collection

  • Artist Collection
    • Cristian Vogel
    • Fingalick
    • Polarity Tools
    • Claude Young
    • Cristian Vogel
  • Rare Organs and Keys
  • Analog Waves
  • Irrupt Eurorack
  • Bosendorfer Grand Piano
  • CAPSUN ProAudio
  • ModeAudio
  • Irrupt System
  • Prime Loops
  • Detunized
  • Beatport Sounds
  • Overclock Inc.
  • Sample Magic
  • Tolcha Studios
  • Dr. Power’s Wurlitzer
  • JoMoX
  • Nektar Technologies
  • Earth Moments
  • Freak Ass E – Vibraphone & Marimba
  • Raw Cutz
  • The Loop Loft
  • Wave Alchemy