Blue B11 Cardioid Large Diaphragm Dual Backplate Capsule

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Custom made for the Bottle, the B11 flatters vocals and instruments with a round, classic sound and a rich, vintage mid-range, perfect for capturing vocals and instruments with vibe and character. Hot-swappable with other Bottle Caps and custom made for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One microphones, the B11 extends your collection of meticulously tailored mic sounds to perfectly capture your varied sound sources. It is a part of Blue’s Bottle Cap Series.

The Bottle Cap Series offers an unprecedented creative palette for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One mics. Inspired by the most coveted mics in recording history and forged for modern applications, the Bottle Caps embrace the past to define the future. The series delivers an extraordinary variety of timbres and polar patterns—with options ranging from vintage to modern—forming a world-class collection that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to obtain with individual mics. With the Bottle Caps, you can capture the unique character, dimension, and nuances of timeless performances from any vocalist or instrument.