BOZ DIGITAL T-Bone – Slant EQ Plug-In (Download)

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T-Bone from Boz Digital is a slant EQ plug-in with extra features. A slant equalizer provides for simultaneously boosting one end of the frequency spectrum, while attenuating the other end. This allows for brightening or darkening tracks very quickly, without changing the overall level. A Boom and Harsh control compensates for low-end build up if the EQ is slanted too far to the left, or if slanted too far to the right, the generation of a harsh high end. Extra features include a high-pass filter with resonance control and low-pass filter with resonance. For further tonal enhancement, a mid/side mode and an analog mode add subtle distortion and compression.

T-Bone Features

  • Change Tone Without Affecting Level
  • High-Pass Filter with Resonance
  • Low-Pass Filter with Resonance
  • Boom and Harsh Control