Electro-Voice EV FMR-500H/L-G Band Wireless Microphone System

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The Electro-Voice EV FMR-500H/L-G brings professional features and performance to the small and medium sized wireless microphone installs that are so popular today. One touch Auto ClearScan selects the clearest channel in the clearest group of compatible channels in just seconds with the push of one button. The new HT-500 programmable handheld microphone transmitter is the smallest Telex has ever built and it has a screw-on battery cover that also hides the controls and an LCD display.

The EV N/D 767a dynamic microphone for high quality vocal performance. The WT-500 bodypack transmitter features a cell phone style belt clip, dual latching battery door and a TA4 connector with a wide variety of lapel and head worn microphone options. The combination of sound and RF features are hard to beat at twice the price.

FMR-500H/L-G Features

  • Up to 10 systems can operate simultaneously from the pre-set groups of channels in one operating band. Groups of 16 coordinated channels between the two bands are also pre-set
  • Advanced ClearScan and one touch Auto ClearScan automatic group and channel selections, for quick and easy system setup
  • Completely programmable in 25kHz steps across 28MHz for 1112 possible frequencies
  • Backlit receiver LCD display shows the Group/Channel, Frequency, transmitter battery status, diversity operation and RF and Audio level meters
  • Balanced XLR audio output for Microphone or Line level signals and a 1/4 inch line level jack to match any application
  • Fourth generation Posi-Phase diversity and advanced audio circuits provide maximum range and professional sound quality
  • Includes single and dual rack mount hardware with front mount antenna cables
  • “Smart” battery circuit means there is no way to put the battery in wrong
  • Tone Code plus Amplitude squelch with one button on/off

EV N/D 767a Dynamic Microphone
The N/D767a presents optimal performance in a live sound environment. The 767a vocal microphone utilizes EV’s VOB (Vocally Optimized Bass) technology to provide the performer with reduced low-end distortion and eliminates the muddiness found in other microphones. Combined with EV’s industry first neodymium based magnet structure, the N/D767a offers the power and clarity to “cut through the mix”. Operation The low frequency response of the N/D767a microphone varies with the distance from the sound source. Known as “proximity effect,” maximum bass response is produced in “close-up” use with the microphone 1/4 inch from the sound source.

Normal bass response is experienced with working distances greater than 24 inches. Working close to the microphone will produce a more robust sound. Close up positioning of the microphone will also reduce the potential for feedback from the sound reinforcement system. When close-talked, the bass-boost provides an increase in overall microphone output level. The mixer gain may be proportionately reduced, resulting in a reduction of the system’s sensitivity to feedback caused by sound entering the microphone from the loudspeakers.

  • VOB technology provides tailored bass response
  • Supercardioid pattern for exceptional acoustic isolation and feedback rejection
  • Multistage shock mount for unmatched low handling noise
  • Neodymium based magnet structure provides greater sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Warm Grip handle for more comfortable feel

RE97LTx Lavalier Microphone
The Electro-Voice RE97LTx is an ultra-miniature, omnidirectional, condenser microphone designed for applications that demand a high quality microphone element that is practically invisible when worn by the speaker or performer. The RE97LTx is intended for spoken-word use in theatrical performance, fixed installations, corporate AV presentations, houses of worship or any venue where a full-range, natural and well-balanced sound is required from an inconspicuous, lightweight microphone. The output of the RE97LTx is clean and accurate, while the omni-directional polar pattern ensures uniform output regardless of the microphone’s angle relative to the sound source.

  • Ultra-Miniature Size for Inconspicuous Use
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern to Provide Clean Sound and Uniform Response
  • Lightweight, Low Profile, Rugged Construction
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Terminated with Female TA4F Connector for use with any EV Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
  • Available in Black or Beige Finish

The provided clip is a convenient anchor for the microphone on a lapel, tie or shirt collar. The supplied windscreens can be utilized in windy environments and to reduce breath noise. The RE97LTx has a shielded 4ft cable terminated in a genuine Switchcraft TA4F connector and is ready for use with standard EV and Telex body-pack transmitters including the EV REV-BP, BPU-2/CSB-1000 and Telex WT-500/WT-1000. The wire to the body-pack is ultra flexible and may be easily concealed.