Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre

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The Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre is the ideal 8-channel expansion for any Scarlett, or other digital interface with ADAT inputs. ADAT is a simple and easy way of increasing the number of simultaneous recording channels available in your studio.

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The Scarlett OctoPre from Focusrite is designed to connect with existing interfaces, supplying them with an additional eight mic pres, eight balanced inputs, eight line outputs, and analog to digital conversion at 192 kHz via ADAT outputs. The mic pres are the same found in 2nd-generation Scarlett interfaces, and thus, comprise a suitable solution for expanding the input array of an existing Scarlett rig. The OctoPre also sports two combination inputs on the front panel that accommodate the 1/4″ outputs of instruments, giving you the ability to plug a guitar or a bass straight into the device. Pads on every channel allow you to capture the sound of high-level sound sources (drumkits, for instance), and 48V phantom power can be instantiated to give condenser microphones their necessary juice.

These features, combined with the word clock sync I/O and 5-segment LED metering, render the unit quite suitable for use in the studio. But that’s only one of its intended uses: the Scarlett OctoPre also operates well in live-sound conditions, providing eight additional preamps for the stage, all feeding their respective line outputs so they can feed a multitude of mixers, consoles, and PAs. You can even use the line outputs to feed a console while simultaneously recording digitally via the ADAT outputs. As with other items in the Scarlett series, the OctoPre ships with included software, giving you access to the Focus Red 3 plug-in suite, as well as the Softube Time & Tone bundle.

Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Features

  • Eight 2nd-generation Scarlett mic preamps
  • Eight balanced line inputs
  • Focusrite A-D conversion up to sample rates of 192 kHz
  • Dual front-panel instrument inputs
  • Pad on every channel for extra headroom – ideal for loud sources such as drums
  • Eight balanced line outputs, suitable for live use
  • Accurate 5-segment LED input metering
  • ADAT connectivity via optical cables
  • 48V phantom power available on every channel for condenser mics
  • Included software bundle (Focusrite Red 3 and Softube Time & Tone Bundle)
  • Digital clocking with Word Clock I/O and JetPLL jitter elimination