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iZotope Dialogue Match is a tool designed to make the lives of post-production engineers easier, specifically by matching the timbre and ambience of ADR dialogue with material recorded in production.

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iZotope Dialogue Match is a tool designed to make the lives of post-production engineers easier, specifically by matching the timbre and ambience of ADR dialogue with material recorded in production. Using iZotope’s machine learning, the company’s forensic technologies, and Exponential Audio’s reverb algorithms, Dialogue Match expertly massages looped dialogue so that it naturally matches the tone of the original scene.

Operating has been made streamlined and simple: first, you capture a reference profile from a desired track such as a character’s dialogue as recorded within the scene itself from a boom or lapel microphone. Then in Pro Tools, you highlight the audio you’re intending to affect, such as the ADR. Hit the Capture button in the GUI, and the software will automatically calibrate an EQ curve and an ambience and reverb profile, creating the perfect match.

From here, you can tweak the EQ curve, the reverb, and the ambience by ear if need be. Hit render, and the processing is completed.

Dialogue Match allows you to save snapshots as presets, so you don’t have to keep tweaking the chain every time you’re working with similar audio. You can also save captured references for storage. This speeds up your workflow, because you won’t have to keep recapturing the same audio for targeting.

This software is only available as an AudioSuite process in Pro Tools 11 or later. It is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Intuitive EQ Module

By leveraging Ozone’s EQ-matching technology, Dialogue Match offers an intuitive EQ module right inside the AudioSuite GUI. The Dialogue Match EQ module includes:
  • Amount: Controls the dry/wet ratio for your processed audio file
  • Up to 8 frequency band nodes for sonic flexibility and versatility
  • 5 shapes for each band node: Bell, High Pass, High Shelf, Low Pass, and Low Shelf
  • Individual Enable/Bypass controls on each band node for easy A-to-B comparisons

Helpful Reverb Module

The Reverb module in Dialogue Match serves two functions. First, it analyzes the reverb profile of your reference file. It then produces an Exponential Audio reverb patch designed to emulate the reflections of your reference file, which you can refine using a number of intuitive parameter controls, such as:
  • Wet and Dry controls: Presented as individual parameters to better balance your desired reverb tone
  • Bypass: Enables and disables the Reverb module
  • Early Reflections: Controls the Level (gain) and Time (length) of the first reverb reflections
  • Tail: Controls the Predelay, Level, Attack, and Time (length) of the reverb tail
  • Reverb types: Choose from Chamber, Hall, or Plate reflections to tailor the right reverb for your project
  • Output Filter: Offers high and low pass filtering for your reverb signal
  • Density: Colors your reverb for even more precise fine-tuning

Ambiance Module

The Ambience module in Dialogue Match puts the finishing touches on the resulting sonic profile. This module learns your reference’s ambience data (the background noise), in addition to its EQ curve and reverb characteristics. By doing so, Dialogue Match creates a more detailed, comprehensive profile which can then be applied to your target files with more precision and accuracy. Complete with a spectrogram display and Trim slider, the Ambience module lets you dial in the final layer of realism to your actors’ performances for unparalleled depth and authenticity.

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