JTW v30 Impulse Response Pack by Joey Sturgis Tones Software (Download)

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This JTW v30 Impulse Response Pack the world’s first “mix-ready” guitar cabinet impulse collection. Get the tone you want to hear with only a few clicks of a mouse. See video for more details!

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The Joey Sturgis Tones JTW V30 Impulse Response Bundle is a collection of “mix-ready” guitar cabinet impulse responses (IR). Getting the guitar tone you’re after is as much about the speaker and microphone as it is about the guitar and amplifier you’re using. With the JTW V30 collection, the tone you want to hear is available with only a few clicks of a mouse. The secret tone sauce starts right here!

The JTW V30 Impulse Response Bundle contains 30 amazing impulse responses captured by producer Joel Wanasek at JTW Recording and processed/mixed by Joey Sturgis at The Foundation. Impulse responses can be used within Toneforge plugins, AxeFX, Kemper, or any other hardware/software that supports IRs.

JTW v30 Features

  • 30 mix-ready impulses

Included Cabinets:

  • Marshall 4×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet (Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers)
  • Mesa/Boogie 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet (Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers)

Recording Signal Chain:

  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012 Microphone Preamp (with Silk Circuit)
  • Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor
  • Manley Massive Passive Vacuum Tube Equalizer
  • Burl Audio B80 Mothership AD/DA Converters

Included Microphones:

  • Audix i5 Instrument Microphone
  • Heil Sound PR 30B Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone
  • Royer R-121 Studio Ribbon Microphone
  • Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone
  • Sennheiser MD421 II Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone


System Requirements:

  • A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system, and a compatible DAW installed (check which plugin formats your DAW supports).
  • Impulse Response loader and any amp or simulator (See manual for details).

Note: For Kemper compatibility, users are required to downsample the .wav’s to 44.1kHz, 16/24-bit in your DAW or via a sample rate conversion utility or application before running the Cab Maker to reprocess for import.