KiloHearts Ladder Filter Software (Download)

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The KiloHearts Ladder Filter simulates low pass filters found in classic hardware synths. When you’re looking for a bit of that vintage feel, Ladder filter will twist your basses into squelching retro-licks akin to those of the Moog or the 303. Crank the drive up an extra notch and it will even function as a warm distortion. Mmm, smooth.

KiloHearts Ladder Filter Features


Cutoff knob
The filter cutoff frequency.
Resonance knob
The filter resonance setting. High values will make the filter resonate at the cutoff frequency.
Selects between transistor ladder and diode ladder topology. The diode ladder have a slightly more gentle rolloff after the cutoff frequency. The two topologies also behave differently when saturation is enabled.
Simulates saturation of electronic components in the filter.
Drive knob
Simulates overdrive of the components. Only available in “Saturate” mode.
Bias knob
Simulates bias voltage over the components. Only available in “Saturate” mode.
Settings panel
Whenever you have your mouse cursor over a snapin there is a small arrow at the top right corner (not visible in screenshot). It opens a settings panel where you handle presets.
Enabled checkbox
The small checkbox to the left of the plugin name is a checkbox that bypasses the effect when disabled.
Resize handle
The bottom right corner of all Kilohearts plugins is a resize handle for scaling the UI to any size. This allows you to get a good view of the controls whatever the screen resolution, and also comes in handy if you need big controls, e.g. when using Ladder Filter as a real-time effect on a touchscreen monitor during a live set. (This is not available when the snapin is used inside a snapin host.)