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MAGIX Entertainment Music Maker Premium Edition is a customizable desktop music production software that lets you easily compose, edit, mix, and share your songs, using your computer mouse and keyboard. The Premium version offers all free sounds, features, and instruments available in Music Maker, seven free Soundpools plus three Soundpools and one Soundpool Collection of your choice, three free software instruments plus eight software instruments of your choice, nine feature packs of your choice, three preset packs of your choice, and the iZotope Ozone Elements mastering plug-in. The software lets you assemble the exact sounds, instruments, and effects best suited for your personal music style, by choosing from over 100 Soundpools, Soundpool Collections, features, and software instruments, directly in the built-in Store.

Lay down a basic track by dragging & dropping beats, bass lines, guitar melodies or programming your own rhythms using virtual drum machines. Add synthesizer parts, grand piano chords, and record your vocals with pitch correction. For even more creative options, you can drag audio files into the Vita 2 sampler, which automatically cuts and assigns sounds to pads, allowing you to design your own instruments. As a fun alternative to conventional music production, Live Pad mode lets you use 16 virtual pads to play the specially designed live sets, just as you would with an instrument.

Mix your song using the essential and vintage effects suites of EQ, dynamics, modulation, and delay effects plug-ins. Once your mix is completed, the mastering tools enable you to effortlessly make it radio- and streaming-ready.

Music Maker Premium Features

  • Customize your Music Maker Premium Edition by selecting the exact instruments, sounds, and features you need in the built-in store—choose from over 100 items
  • Comes with 8 tracks, expandable to unlimited tracks with add-on program
  • Includes all free sounds, features, and instruments in Music Maker
  • Includes 8 audio effects
  • 7 free Soundpools included plus your choice of 3 Soundpools
  • Includes iZotope Ozone Elements
  • Select 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice
  • 3 software instruments plus your choice of 8 software instruments from a collection of over 30 software instruments
  • Choose 9 free feature packs
  • Choose 3 free preset packs
  • Lifetime of free updates—download the latest software version of Music Maker and bug fixes, free

Basic Functions and Add-On Programs

Live Pad mode with 60 Live Sets

  • Offers an easy and intuitive way of making music
  • Select one of the 60 live sets from Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, or Dubstep genres and begin changing the live set on the fly within your session

Creative Suite

  • Complete creative solution contains features such as VST support, pitch wizard, remix finder, remix maker, video recording, mouse modes, and live arranger

More tracks and Formats

  • Access unlimited tracks and additional formats such as MP3 support

5.1 Surround Sound

  • Enables 5.1 Surround mixing

MAGIX Music Editor

  • Software for assembling and burning CDs that include multiple tracks
  • Includes comprehensive features for audio editing

Burn CDs & DVDs

  • Burn your songs to CD or DVD instead of exporting them as a file

MAGIX Print Studio

  • Design print-ready CD labels and album covers quickly and easily

Premium Audio Effects

  • Vocal Strip: Optimize vocal recordings
  • Virtual analog compressor and tape simulator AM-Track SE
  • Creative vocal effects: Vocoder and Orange Vocoder ME
  • Mouse-adjustable audio filter
  • Mastering Suite for final touches on the master channel

Vita 2 Premium Presets

  • Orchestral Brass
  • Orchestral Strings
  • Orchestral Woodwinds
  • Acoustic Drum Kits & Percussion
  • Vital Acoustic Guitars
  • Vital Acoustic Pianos
  • Vital Electric Basses
  • Vital Electric Pianos
  • Vital Power Chords
  • Vital Electric Guitar
  • Vital Ethno Percussion
  • Vital Power Chords
  • Vital Soundtrack Percussion
  • Vital Soundtrack Percussion 2


  • A Soundpool consists of multiple audio building blocks for a musical genre, in the form of loops for beats, bass, melodies, and vocals
  • Drag and drop loops to produce your own beats and compose your songs
  • All sounds come with seven pitch variations carefully recorded by real session musicians
  • Includes seven free Soundpools plus your choice of three more Soundpools and one Soundpool Collection

Software Instruments

  • Revolta 2 synthesizer
  • Concert Grand LE piano
  • Vita 2 sample player
  • Choose 8 software instruments of your choice

Screen Keyboard

  • Mode 1: Classic piano design plus MIDI chord and arpeggio functionality
  • Mode 2: Selects various scales and automatically only plays the notes that fit the song you’re working on

MIDI Editor

  • Easily develop your own melodies, rhythms, chords, or complex arrangements using your mouse or keyboard
  • Change note timing and volume at any stage of the process
  • Sketch your musical ideas and play them using the virtual instruments


  • Simply connect your microphone, guitar, drum pad controller, or USB keyboard controller and you’re ready to record with studio quality sound and low latency

Jam with Music Maker

  • Live Pad mode lets you change beats and mix live
  • Activate drums, breaks, or vocal parts on the 16 pads, and then record

Audio Effects

  • Develop your sound with chorus, echo, wah-wah, and flanger effects

Guitar Amplifier

  • Vandal SE—distort, amplify, and alter the sound of your recordings

Orange Vocoder ME

  • Create robot voice and electronic distortion

Essential FX

  • Three plug-ins for experimental sound and vocal tuning

Vintage FX

  • Retro-sound plug-ins

iZotope Ozone Elements

  • Mastering plug-in effortlessly gets your mixes radio- and streaming-ready
  • Includes Mastering Wizard, Ozone maximizer, and an 8-band EQ
  • Integrates into Music Maker via VST

Auto Mastering

  • Automatically perfect the sound of your mixes using the mastering presets designed for various genres
  • Optimized sound analysis and practical monitoring features are included

Mastering Suite

  • Included professional tools such as the Parametric 6-Channel Equalizer, the StereoFX module, the Limiter, and a multiband compressor, help you provide the necessary finishing touches to your mixes