Mogami Gold AES/EBU DB-25 Male to DB-25 Male Digital Audio Cable (5′)

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This Mogami Gold AES/EBU DB-25 to DB-25 Digital Audio Cable meets AES/EBU specifications with 110-ohm impedance. Its cellular PP (polypropylene) insulation material results in lower attenuation than other cable builds. The cable’s pinout is compatible with the Tascam AES 8-channel I/O format making it compatible with Avid/Digidesign, Panasonic, RME, and Tascam digital recording machines that use the DB-25 connector.

Since AES/EBU digital audio cable has low capacitance characteristics, it can result in high-quality analog audio transmission in general, especially for high-frequency-range material.

*Note* – Available by special order only.

Mogami Gold AES/EBU DB-25 to DB-25 Digital Audio Cable Features

  • Tascam AES/EBU pinout
  • DB-25 connectors with gold contacts
  • Ultra-flexible with long flex life, maintaining excellent strength characteristics