On-Stage LS7805QIK

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An efficient way to erect and dismantle sturdy portable lighting, our LS7805QIK Power Crank-Up Lighting Stand adjusts in height up to 11′, providing support for tall, complex lighting configurations. For ergonomic set up and teardown, this stand raises and lowers heavy light rigs via a crank system that can be operated manually or with the aid of a power drill. The u-mount Lighting Arms can be positioned up, down, and around the stand in unlimited configurations and the braceless design leaves unobstructed space for mounting PAR cans. The top T-bar mounts six PAR cans while the two side bars each mount three PAR cans, and hardware is included for mounting all 12 fixtures. The wide base with nonslip feet provides exceptional stability and load balance for reliable performance even on irregular surfaces. To facilitate storage and transportation, the light bars detach and the tripod base folds flat.