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With its height-adjustable lower yoke, our CS7201 Cello/Bass Stand delivers secure storage for, and easy access to, a variety of large string instruments including cellos and double basses. Its wide, splayed tilt-back base provides weight balance that prevents tipping or falling. Rubber padding at all contact points increases grip while protecting the instrument’s finish and nonslip feet inhibit unwanted movement of the base. For added convenience, a built-in hook affords handy storage for bows.

CS7201 Features

  • Secure storage for, and convenient access to, cellos and double basses
  • Lower yoke adjusts in height to fit the size of the supported sax
  • Padding on the contact surfaces protects the instrument finish from scratches and dents
  • Nonslip rubber feet boost stability and stop skids to keep instruments safely in place

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