On-Stage Stands MS9210 Heavy Duty Low Profile Mic Stand with 10″ Base

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With a 10″, 6 lb. low-profile base, the On-Stage Stands MS9210 is an excellent choice for any handheld microphone. It is well suited as a lead vocal/soloist stand, and its smaller 10″ base makes it perfect for backing vocals, a cappella, and other closely grouped applications.

Its steel shafts measure 7/8 and 5/8 in diameter like most common portable stands, but its heavy-duty mid-point clutch is extraordinarily robust. The clutch is designed to act as a brake on the upper shaft, even when loosened, preventing the shaft from crashing down while adjusting height.

To aid with precise mic positioning, the upper shaft of the On-Stage Stands MS9210 features an oversized knurled locking washer that keeps any attached mic clip exactly where desired. Connection of the lower shaft to the base is via a solid steal machined lug with M20 threading and locking washer. This course threading provides an excellent combination of fast assembly and secure connection, while extending thread wear far beyond fine-thread designs. Finally, superior stability is achieved thanks to a sleek, embossed base with shock-absorbing rubber pads.