On-Stage Stands Utility Stand for Pedalboard

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Keep a clean stage with our compact, versatile GPA1003 Utility Stand for Pedalboard. Featuring a height-adjustable rocker mic stand plus two auxiliary sockets for adding additional mic stands or guitar hangers to a stage setup, the stable, heavy base conveniently fits under almost any pedalboard, resulting in a space-saving and aesthetically appealing performance station. The rocker mic shaft tilts up to 40° off of vertical, eliminating the need for a separate boom arm in many applications.

GPA1003 Features

  • Low-profile base slides under pedalboards to conserve floor space
  • Three M20 sockets for adding mic stands and guitar hangers adapt the setup to a wide range of applications
  • Included Rocker-Lug mic stand reaches over the pedalboard—no need for a boom
  • Solid threaded upper shaft with tightening washer securely mounts mic accessories