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Create inspiring music using award-winning programs and connect to a thriving community of users with PreSonus Sphere, a comprehensive bundle featuring the complete collection of PreSonus software, future updates, and upgrades, Cloud collaboration tools and storage, Studio One expert chat, and access to exclusive training sessions, events, and promotions.

Sphere includes Studio One Professional and every Studio One add-on to handle everything from arranging and recording to mixing, mastering, and performing within the same DAW. With every PreSonus plug-in at your disposal, you’ll have no shortage of options for processing your tracks and adding effects.

Also supplied with Sphere is PreSonus’ Notion notation and composition software, all 42 Notion add-on libraries performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, and the full set of Spark sample and loop libraries—enough instruments to keep your compositions fresh for ages.

Export files to your local drive or upload songs, stems, or projects to your personal workspace on Sphere. Whether you work alone or seek inspiration from other creators, Sphere has everything you need to take your music to a whole new level.


PreSonus Sphere membership includes licenses for essential software tools to build the core of your studio. Studio One Professional is the only DAW that lets you record, produce, compose (with or without notation), mix, master, and perform from within a single application. Go from creative concept to final mix seamlessly or use your mastered album stems as backing tracks for your live show, all from Studio One, and control it from your tablet with Studio One Remote.You also get every plug-in and Studio One add-on that PreSonus makes, including Ampire, Channel Strip Collection, CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper, Fat Channel XT, Presence XT Editor, add-on sounds, and so much more! Use over 100 inspiring content libraries to supercharge your productions, including the complete Spark Collection sample and loop libraries and Tom Brechtlein Drums, with new content being added continuously.


Modern musicians work with talented people from all over the world. PreSonus Sphere makes it easy to share your projects with other members using your PreSonus Sphere workspace. A live chat lets you communicate in real time with your global production team to make sure you’re all on the same page and striving toward the same goal. Your Sphere membership also includes 30GB of cloud storage for backups, stems, collaboration, and more. When you need more space, PreSonus Sphere lets you upgrade to 100GB of cloud storage space for the price of a cup of co¿ee. Exchange has always been a great way for Studio One users to share presets, loops, and more; PreSonus Sphere users now have access to a new exclusive portal loaded with custom-designed tools and curated content by featured PreSonus artists.


Bring musical inspirations to life with Notion, the music composition and performance software for macOS and Windows. You’ll deliver polished scores faster than ever before, from simple lead sheets and guitar tab to complete film orchestrations, using samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. You also get guitar samples performed by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor Wooten, and drum samples by Roy Futureman Wooten, all painstakingly recorded by top engineers using the best equipment. You get a wide array of dynamics, articulations, and performance techniques. Every Notion add-on sound pack is also included with your Sphere membership, so all your instrument needs are covered, whether you need a classical guitar, ukulele, jazz brass combo, or contrabass clarinet.


PreSonus Sphere is about community. As a member, you’ll be invited to exclusive events and training sessions to meet like-minded Sphere users and grow your collaboration network. Need a quick production tip or work¿ow trick? In addition to the growing Exchange community and active user groups, PreSonus has gathered Studio One power users from around the globe to answer your questions in members-only chats. PreSonus has also teamed up with our partners to give Sphere members special discounts on gear and software. Each month you can expect something new, whether it’s new exclusive content or a special surprise gift, just to thank you for being a part of PreSonus Sphere—and all for no additional upgrade costs or hidden fees.

PreSonus Sphere Features

  • Over $2700 of PreSonus digital products
  • Award-winning Studio One Professional DAW and all every Studio One add-on
  • Award-winning Notion notation and composition software and all 42 Notion add-on libraries performed by principals and players from the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Studio One Remote for convenient control of Studio One from your tablet
  • PreSonus’ complete collection of plug-ins in Native Effects, VST3, and Audio Units format:
    • State-Space Modeled Ampire guitar amp simulator
    • Pedalboard with five State-Space Modeled classic stompboxes plus eight more emulations
    • Channel Strip Collection featuring State Space Models of two classic PreSonus channel strips
    • Fat Channel XT and the complete Fat Channel Collection of State-Space Modeled classic EQs and compressors
    • VU Meter for analog-style metering in your digital domain
  • All software updates and upgrades are included with your PreSonus Sphere membership
  • The complete collection of Spark sample and loop libraries
  • Audio Batch Converter for automating time-consuming file conversion jobs
  • Export stems and mixes directly from Studio One to your PreSonus Sphere account
  • Cloud collaboration tools and 30GB of cloud storage
  • Exclusive training sessions, events, promotions, and more
  • Expert Chat: The opportunity to ask the Studio One experts their favorite tips, tricks, and hidden treasures
  • Exchange: Access to a new exclusive portal loaded with custom-designed tools and curated content by featured PreSonus artists