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The Parsec Spectral Synthesizer from Propellerhead is a rack extension for Reason utilizing an advanced additive synthesis engine.

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The Parsec Spectral Synthesizer from Propellerhead is a rack extension for Reason utilizing an advanced additive synthesis engine. The instrument is capable of producing a wide pallet of vast sonic possibilities spanning everything from crisp, digital-sounding leads to lush and evolving pad sounds, rich sonic textures, and instrument sounds.

At the heart of Parsec’s sound lies two sound generators, each boasting up to 512 oscillators or partials per voice. The more partials the richer the harmonic content and the more detailed the sound. The generators offer 12 algorithms, from simple waveforms like sawtooth or square wave to algorithms modeling the spectral content of vibrating strings and complex overtones. To further sculpt the sound, each sound engine offers two modifiers, each offering 22 algorithms. Pick and choose from emulations of low-pass and high-pass filters, to more exotic offerings such as modifiers that mimics the effect of pulse width modulation, brick-wall band-pass filters and many more.

Parsec also offers a number of options for controlling its parameters including three envelopes, one of which can be set to loop mode. The comprehensive modulation bus allows you to effortlessly connect modulations and targets. The rear of Parsec includes several CV and Gate I/O for connecting to other devices in the Reason rack for added flexibility. There’s even an audio input allowing you to use Parsec as an additive vocoder.

Note: Rack Extensions are only available for single-user licenses. This means that if you are a school/institution and have a multi-license for Reason, you will not be able to try, purchase, or install Rack Extensions

Parsec Spectral Synthesizer Features

Signal Flow
  • The “hearts” of Parsec are the two Sound Engines A and B
  • First in each Sound Engine is a Signal Generator which generates the audio signal
    • The Signal Generator could be compared to an oscillator in an “ordinary” synth, but is much more powerful and flexible. Each Signal Generator can generate up to 512 sine wave signals
  • The signal from the Signal Generator is routed to the Filter
    • The Filter is a combined low-pass/high-shelving filter with adjustable slope and cutoff frequency. The Filter can be used for attenuating or boosting the higher frequencies of the Signal Generator signal
  • The signal from the Filter is routed to Modifier 1
    • The Modifier affects the signal according to the algorithm you have selected. The algorithms could be various types of filters – or special purpose modifiers that affect the partials in the signal in various ways
  • The signal from Modifier 1 is routed to Modifier 2
    • Modifier 2 features the same array of selectable algorithms as Modifier 1
  • The signals from the two Sound Engines are routed to the Balance “mixer” where you can set the mix (crossfade) between the two Sound Engine output signals
  • The mixed signal is routed to the Amp Envelope, and then via the Reverb and Delay sections to the stereo outputs
  • The remaining sections in Parsec (Envelope 1, Envelope 2, LFO1 and LFO2) can be freely assigned to modulate destination parameters via the Modulation Bus section