Propellerhead Rotor Rotary Speaker Rack Extension for Reason Software (Download)

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Designed to emulate the classic Leslie rotary speaker, Rotor from Propellerhead is a rack extension for Reason capable of creating vibrato, tremolo, and chorus effects from tone-wheel organs. The effect can be used on a variety of instruments including guitars, vocals, keyboards, and drums.

A classic rotary-speaker cabinet features a bass speaker mounted upside down, with a rotating drum placed underneath it. The cabinet also features a treble horn which rotates on a separate axis, in the opposite direction. The drum and horn are driven by separate motors and can run together at two different speeds: Slow (chorale) and Fast (tremolo). Additionally, the rotation can also be stopped so that the drum and horn are completely still. As with all Reason instruments and effects, Polar offers comprehensive patching on the rear of the unit allowing for even greater routing flexibility.

Note: Note: Rack Extensions are only available for single-user licenses. This means that if you are a school/institution and have a multi-license for Reason, you will not be able to try, purchase or install Rack Extensions

Rotor Features

  • Extremely authentic emulation of a Leslie speaker
  • Behaves just like the original. The horn part of the sound ramps up and down faster than the Drum part of the sound due to the inertia
  • Rotor turns simple synthesized organs into realistically accurate organ sounds, makes guitars sound interesting, and makes vocals wide and ’60s flavored
  • Fully integrated with the Reason rack. Sync other Reason devices to Rotor’s rotation speed through CV on the back
  • Challenges the physical restrictions of a rotary speaker. The parameters go beyond the real world with horns twice the size and helicopter-like rotation speeds of up to 13.6 Hz
  • Includes an organ instrument for Reason’s Combinator, and a great set of Rotor and Combinator patches for guitar, vocals, keys and drums