PSP Audioware PSP HertzRider 2 Frequency Shifter Plug-in (Download)

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From adding stereo width to guitar tracks to fattening up drum sounds, the PSP Audioware PSP HertzRider 2 frequency shifter plug-in is a versatile pitch-shifting plug-in for mixing and sound design. HertzRider 2 can process your L/R channels independently for precise manipulation of your stereo tracks. Add in a tempo-syncable LFO plus an envelope follower, and you can open up a world of creative effects to explore. Whether you need high-quality pitch shifting for subtle enhancement or special effects, you won’t be disappointed with the PSP Audioware PSP HertzRider 2 frequency shifter plug-in.

Note: this plug-in requires an iLok account, but does not require the physical iLok dongle.

HertzRider 2 Features

  • High-quality frequency shifting plug-in
  • Independent control over L and R channels for finely tuned pitch manipulation
  • Tempo-syncable LFO and envelope follower for creative sound design applications
  • Sidechain input for even more creative potential
  • Perfect for tuning drums, adding stereo width to guitars