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Add stellar reverb to your mix in a hurry with the RELAB DEVELOPMENT Sonsig Rev-A, a reverb plug-in offering a simple, stompbox-style user interface and a palette ranging from lo-fi to pristine. With over 200 reverb presets and large, intuitive controls, the Sonsig Rev-A puts a high priority on getting you high-quality sounds quickly.

You’ll find traditional settings including time, size, predelay, and diffusion, plus creativity-inspiring parameters such as freeze (infinite sustain), reverb build-up, ensemble, and width. From small rooms and realistic ambiences to lush halls and sustained modulating swells, the Sonsig Rev-A delivers a variety of reverbs to suite instruments, vocals, sound design, and more. Easily sculpt the plug-in’s sonic impact via selectable render modes and comprehensive tone controls including brightness, high decay, tilt, and low tilt.The Sonsig Rev-A is compatible with Mac and Windows systems, and supports AAX Native, Audio Units, and VST plug-in formats.

Reverb Controls

  • Time: The time it takes for the reverb’s sound to decay by 60 decibels. The minimum and maximum time vary depending on the currently selected Size parameter.
  • Size: The size of the virtual listening space. Rev-A has 10 reverb sizes. Each size is clearly bigger or smaller than the adjacent size, and has distinct attributes.
  • Freeze: Sustains the last fragment of reverberation indefinitely, until the button is released. The frozen reverberation is a unique, dynamic snapshot, with a constant volume and an uncompromised, reverberant sound.
  • Character: Controls the build-up of the reverb sound—Character 1 has a rapid, natural build-up, Character 2 has a slower build-up with an accentuated, enveloping sound, and Character 3 has a clearly audible, gradual, slow build-up.
  • Ensemble: An ensemble effect that originates from within the core structure that makes up the reverb effect. It modulates the pitch of the incoming sound, with a depth that increases throughout the duration of the reverb. Being a true, in-reverb effect, it can add richness to the sound without compromising the reverb’s spaciousness or clarity. At level 0, the Ensemble effect is off. At levels 1 to 5, it’s on, and at levels 6 to 10, it’s on with an additional modulation stage that creates an even more distinct sound.
  • Predelay: The time between the input signal and the start of the reverb sound. Rev-A provides a predelay time range from 0 to 800 milliseconds.
  • Tempo Sync: The small button above the Predelay knob synchronizes the predelay time to the project’s tempo, with a time signature based on full, triplet or dotted beats. Presets are saved with both the normal and tempo sync modes’ predelay values.
  • Diffusion: The density of the reverb effect. When set to 0, the diffusion is off. When the diffusion is off or set to a low level, the reverberation can sound sparse and the individual echoes that make up the reverb effect may be perceptible. At higher levels, the reverberation can sound denser or smoother, and individual echoes are imperceptible.

Tone Controls

  • Brightness: Adjusts the audio frequency at which a static low-pass filter is applied. It has an important role in simulating the properties of different listening spaces. Rev-A’s high-quality processing ensures that at level 10, the reverb’s sound is pellucid, with high frequencies unattenuated.
  • Hi Decay: Simulates the natural phenomena of more rapid absorption of the high-frequency components in a reverb’s sound. Lower levels allow a quicker decay of high frequencies, and higher levels allow a slower decay. Rev-A’s high-quality processing ensures optimal sound quality with each setting, and at level 10, it eliminates any perceptible absorption of high frequencies throughout the entire duration of the reverb.
  • Tilt: Tilts the reverb’s entire frequency response around a central frequency point, without impacting the definition of the reverb’s sound. Negative values make the sound darker, while positive values make it brighter, allowing you to tune the reverb’s sound to match the natural properties of different types of spaces, or the character of a specific sound source or mix.
  • Low Tilt: Controls the reverb’s low-frequency response. Positive values attenuate the low frequencies in a limpid, natural manner, and negative values extend the duration of the decay of the reverb’s low-frequency components. This allows you to simulate the reverb characteristics of natural spaces, as well as adjust the reverb to better blend with the sound source or within a mix. For example, a positive value may be used to tune the reverb to unobtrusively blend with a vocal sound, and a negative value may be used to simulate the longer decay of low frequencies in a large hall.

General Controls

  • Width: Adjusts the stereo width of the reverb sound. At 100%, the reverb’s sound completely surrounds the listener and has an even balance between perceptible width and depth. Since Rev-A does not employ any external process that artificially widens the stereo image, it is designed to sound natural at any Width level, and lower levels allow a greater sensation of depth in the reverb without reducing its sound quality.
  • Render Mode: Presets that apply different processing accuracy and filtering to change the reverb’s overall character. QRS mode has a low-fi character with a steep high-frequency cutoff. The 224 mode has a characteristic spaciousness and texture, and a relatively mild high-frequency cutoff. Rev-A mode has a pristine sound with no processes influencing the reverb’s spaciousness or frequency response.
  • In/Out Levels: Stereo gain controls for easy adjustment of input and output levels. High-resolution meters above the knobs show your signal levels in crisp detail.
  • Blend: Adjusts the volume of the input (dry) signal and the effected (wet) signal in relation to each other. When Rev-A is used as a Send effect, the level should be set to Wet.
  • Presets: A collection of over 200 high-quality presets designed to power your inspiration and add instant character to your mixing and recording sessions. All presets are finely tuned so you can utilize the core sound and character of Sonsig Rev-A algorithms to their full potential.