Samson AirLine 99 Rackmount Wireless Fitness Headset Microphone System (K: 470 to 494 MHz)

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This Samson AirLine 99 Rackmount Wireless Microphone System brings fitness and aerobics instructors a wireless headset microphone system with quality sound, water and sweat resistance, dependable performance, and simple setup. The AH9 micro transmitter is mounted directly on the Qe headset to offer a true wireless experience with no beltpack and no cable, allowing complete freedom of movement during workout, dance, yoga, or spin classes.

The system includes a rugged, all-metal CR99 receiver, which can be securely rackmounted in a portable flight case or a permanent installation, using the included hardware.

The AH9 transmitter provides up to 8 hours of continuous use on a rechargeable battery. The 300′ operating range lets you move freely about the gym. Up to 8 mics can operate simultaneously in each frequency band.

Water-/Sweat-Resistant Qe Headset Mic Delivers Great Sound

  • The Qe headset is ideal for group fitness instructors who need a durable headset microphone that will remain in place despite repetitious movement.
  • The lightweight, double-ear design with adjustable/removable strap fits comfortably around your ears and head.
  • The condenser microphone delivers clear vocal reproduction. Its bidirectional polar pattern helps reduce background noise, minimizing feedback problems, and effectively rejecting signals not originating directly in front of the mic—including unwanted sound from ceiling speakers.
  • The adjustable stainless-steel gooseneck allows you to position the mic for comfort and optimal voice capture.
  • The mic is equipped with a water-/sweat-resistant capsule to prevent corrosion from prolonged exposure to the moisture present in fitness settings.
  • A foam windscreen is included.

AH9 Micro Transmitter for Cable-Free Movement

  • Thanks to its micro design, the AH9 transmitter is mounted directly on the Qe headset, completely eliminating beltpacks and cables from the setup.
  • With the headset designed to go around the back of your head rather than over the top, the transmitter is out of the way and completely unobtrusive, while being comfortable, lightweight, and secure during performances.
  • Easily accessible variable gain control and one-touch mute as well as a battery life LED indicator makes the transmitter simple to use.
  • The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 8 hours of use on a single charge.

CR99 Rackmount Receiver Works with Any Sound System

  • A balanced XLR output and an unbalanced 1/4″ output allow you to connect the receiver to any mixing board or PA system.
  • The rugged half-rack receiver chassis can be mounted alone in a standard 19″ rack using the included mounting brackets and screws.
  • Quick to set up, the receiver features 1-touch frequency scan to quickly search 80 available frequencies and locate a clean RF channel in case of interference.
  • The transmitter easily syncs to the receiver via infrared with a quick press on the Sync button.
  • The backlit LCD display shows group and channel settings, and allows you to meter audio level and signal strength. An indicator even lets you keep an eye on the transmitter’s remaining battery life.
  • True RF diversity helps minimize dropouts
  • The two antennas can be either be mounted on the receiver’s front or back panel for optimal placement and signal reception.