Samson Q2U Recording & Podcasting Pack (Gray)

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If you need one mic to handle anything from lead vocals on the stage to podcast recording without the cumbersome audio interface, the Samson Q2U will come in handy, doing so in an all-inclusive package at a cost-effective price. Styled in here in gray, the Q2U consists of a handheld dynamic microphone, a desktop tripod mic stand (with extension tube), a mic clip, a foam windscreen, a USB cable for digital recording, and an XLR cable for analog connections.

You probably see the potential: if you want to travel to the gig with your own microphone, the Q2U will let you do that, plugging into the house PA’s XLR input without fuss. If you want to take the mic to a buddy’s house for a conversational podcast, again, this is all possible with the Q2U. And finally, whenever you want to rant on your own a la Bill Burr or Mark Maron, setting up your podcast is as easy as plugging the mic into your computer over USB.

Fits Your Needs

The Q2U features both XLR and USB outputs that enable flexible digital recording to any Mac- or Windows-based computer workstation, while simultaneously connected to any analog mixer, preamplifier or PA system.

Handheld Form Factor

This solidly constructed mic is designed to be held in your hand, though it can also be mounted on a stand—such as the one included with the mic. Because of its design, the mic lends itself to comedy shows and comedy podcasts, though it’ll work for just about any vocal-centric purpose.

Cardioid Polar Pattern for Stage & Home Use

The microphone makes use of a directional cardioid polar pattern to minimize off-axis sound. This polar pattern naturally, yet effectively tamps down room tone and focuses the audio capture on what’s directly in front of the mic. That’s why it’s equally effective on the stage and in the home-studio.

Built-In 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The mic offers a headphone jack for monitoring. Just plug a pair of headphones into the Q2U’s 3.5mm jack, and you’ll be able to listen to your broadcast-quality audio in all its glory.

Easy-to-Use Controls, Minimal Powering Required

The mic offers a simple on/off switch for the XLR output. This acts as a mute, which can come in handy live. This switch has absolutely no bearing on powering the mic—in fact, as this is a dynamic microphone, it requires no power to run when used in the analog domain. When you’re plugged into a digital device, such as a computer, the mic will draw power from the computer to operate the digital interface.

Broadcast-Quality Audio Capture

The mic records audio at 16-bit / 48 kHz, giving you the broadcast standard for media playback. It’s also worth noting that it can simultaneously record digital audio over USB and route analog audio over its XLR connection, so you can effectively mirror its output if you so choose.

Driverless Setup

The Q2U requires absolutely no drivers to run out of the box. Just plug it in to your computer and you should be good to go.

Included Hardware

In addition to the mic, the Q2U includes a desktop tripod stand with extension tube, a mic clip, a foam windscreen, a USB cable, and an XLR mic cable, giving you almost everything you need to get started.