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Small in stature. Huge in sound. The sE8 is a brand new high-performance small-diaphragm condenser from the labs at sE Electronics. A sophisticated new capsule backplate design provides a perfectly balanced sound that’s never harsh, no matter how much EQ or filtering is applied later – and with the highest dynamic range and SPL handling in its class, along with attenuation pads and low-cut filters for superb flexibility, the sE8 is ready for any sounds you’re making, whether in the studio OR on stage. Hand-crafted small condenser capsule Every capsule is hand-crafted and individually tuned in our very own factory with the highest attention to detail. The ultra-thin gold-sputtered diaphragm delivers an impressive transient response that enables the capture of even the smallest nuances, and the ultra-precision electrode is optimized for superb linearity and natural sonics, ensuring a consistently smooth and balanced frequency response. Precise, nearly frequency-independent cardioid pattern Thanks to the sophisticated acoustic design with precision components, the off-axis response is nearly frequency-independent and therefore avoids coloration even in the most demanding applications. The quietest pencil mic in its class With a very short signal path, no ICs, and specially optimized Class-A electronics, the sE8 is one of the quietest microphones on the market – and by far the quietest microphone in its class. Moreover, the transformerless design enables excellent transparency and clarity. The completely new electronic design also ensures a massive dynamic range and brilliant transient response without distortion. Two switchable attenuation levels The switchable attenuation pad prevents overloading your preamp or mixer and provides extended dynamic range without compromises. Two switchable levels enable close-mic techniques for even the loudest sources like brass instruments and snare drums. Two switchable low-cut filters The integrated low-cut filters can be selected at either 80Hz or 160Hz. This helps to eliminate low-frequency rumble or footfall noise, or to compensate for excessive bass (proximity effect) with close-mic techniques. All-metal housing and premium finish The sE8’s all-metal chassis provides efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise, and its high-quality finish ensures a great look for years to come. Gold-plated XLR connector The corrosion-free XLR contacts ensure a loss-free, reliable signal connection for years. Factory-matched stereo pair (sE8 Matched Pair only) Convincing stereo recordings require microphones with high consistency and accurate localization from the pair of microphones. Therefore, at sE every pair is selected from hundreds of individual microphones to provide identical performance. The result is the highest possible correlation over the whole frequency range, and virtually identical sensitivity for stunning three-dimensional recordings.