Slate Digital FG-Bomber Dynamic Enhancer Software (Download)

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The Slate Digital FG-Bomber plug-in adds size, dimensionality, glue, and sheer impact to your mixes. Under the hood, FG-Bomber is based on analog modeling of hand-picked audio processors. Painstaking models of harmonics and saturation generators, filtration and dynamics control devices, and other select circuitry all contribute to the FG-Bomber’s unique and wide-ranging capabilities. You may even find that it replaces a rack full of processing gear. Imagine your mix exploding out of the speakers with an energy that demands the listener’s rapt attention. Slate Digital FG-Bomber makes that happen.

Slate Digital FG-Bomber Features

  • “Dynamic Impact Enhancer” adds size, dimensionality, and impact to mixes
  • Based on a selection of modeled analog circuits for wide-ranging capabilities
  • Use on individual instruments or the entire mix
  • Tightens the low end; adds snap to your transients
  • Adds natural-sounding clarity to vocals
  • 3 tone settings: Present, Fat, and Tight
  • Drive knob lets you control the percentage of signal sent to the FX processors
    • Dials between enhancement of transients and sustain
  • Requires iLok