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The British Class A from Softube is a plug-in for the Console 1 virtual mixing platform offering the rounded timbres of classic, class-A Neve consoles, channel strips, and more. Softube’s DSP provides emulations of the rounded transformers, luscious EQs, musical gates, and beloved dynamic processors of many revered Neve units, such as the 1073, the 1084, the 2254, and the 2257. The hardware interface of the Console 1, on the other hand, offers a credible approximation of more erstwhile, tactile controls. The plug-in is designed to expand upon the SSL 4K and 9K options already offered for the Console 1, thereby allowing you to add Neve-like sensibilities particularly suited to rock productions, as well as other genres.

Providing the same easy-on-the-eyes GUI of other Console 1 emulations, this plug-in displays separate panels depicting a veritable story of signal processing from left to right: an input stage is followed by the gate, after which your attention is routed to the EQ section. Toward the end is the compressor—a mastering-grade emulation with ratio, release, threshold, sidechain, and parallel controls, should you wish to only apply a modicum of full compression to an otherwise dry signal. On the right of the GUI, at the output stage, you’ll notice options to instill amounts of drive and character to taste.


This software is a plug-in upgrade for the Console 1 mixing platform. This software will not work without Softube’s Console 1.