Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Plug-In (Native, Download)

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The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Plug-In is a transparent and musical mastering tool designed for fixing problem frequencies when it is not possible for the engineer to go back in the mix. Traditional equalization may work well in certain parts of the song but not in other parts. This plug-in addresses this issue by cutting/boosting frequencies only when the signal reaches a set threshold, achieving the desired effect without the need for time-consuming automation. It is ideal for adding presence and brightness to a mix, reducing harshness on solo instruments, fixing sibilance and plosive sounds on vocals, and more.

The Oxford Dynamic EQ splits the input signal into multiple parallel paths, each filtered using five bands of Type-3 EQ curve. It features gain/Q dependency whereby the Q value reduces with gain, providing the plug-in with a soft characteristic resembling that of analog EQs.

Dynamic gain reduction/expansion is applied to the EQ’s gain parameter, a process that reduces static phase shift and latency. The Onset detection function enables Oxford Dynamic EQ to react only to sudden increases in signal level, detecting transients, staccato notes, and sibilance, while ignoring the overall peak level. This feature is useful when working with drums, percussions, or vocals.

Other options include sidechain control, adjustable attack/release time, and mid-side processing. A clear and informative GUI helps simplify and speed up your workflow. This product is available for Mac and Windows platforms. It operates in AAX DSP formats, as well as AAX native, RTAS, Audio Units, and VST formats.

Note:  An iLok2/3 key is required if one is not already on the system. Approved Pro Tools hardware necessary for HD and HDX formats.

Oxford Dynamic EQ Features

  • Transparent, dynamic EQ for single sources, instrument groups, 2-bus, and more
  • Cut or boost only above a set dynamic threshold
  • Fix dynamic problems without having to automate the EQ
  • Boost/add presence and brightness
  • Reduce harshness, even out sound levels, fix sibilance and plosives sounds
  • Splits input signal into multiple parallel paths
  • 5 bands of Oxford Type-3 EQ curve—algorithm from Sony OXF-R3 Console
  • Applies gain reduction/expansion to the gain parameter
  • Gain/Q dependency whereby the Q reduces with gain—provides the EQ with a softer characteristic associated with analog EQs
  • All bands overlap smoothly without static phase distortion or low-frequency artifacts associated with multiband compressors
  • Adjust attack and release time
  • Each band can process and/or detect from mono, stereo, right-only, left-only, mid, or side channels
  • Flexible per-band internal/external sidechain controls
  • Clear and informative GUI simplifies workflow
  • Flexible upward/downward compression and upwards/downwards expansion
  • Engage the effect either by setting a level threshold or by using the Onset (transient) detection feature, for precise transient processing