Steinberg Cubase Elements 12 Music Production Software (Download)

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Cubase Elements 12 from Steinberg offers the world of Cubase in a streamlined, instantly accessible music production environment. Using the same technology platform as its siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements turns your Mac or PC into a full-on music studio, complete with audio and MIDI tracks, virtual instruments and FX, a virtual mixing desk, chord tools to help you compose your songs and many other exciting music features to explore at your leisure. Cubase Elements offers easy-to-use capabilities for more intuitive songwriting, a broad range of instruments to inspire you and a rich palette of effects to help polish the results to a professional level. And, because it is compatible with larger Cubase versions, Cubase Elements is your gateway to professional music creation workflows as used by countless professional artists around the globe.

Cubase Elements 12 Features

  • MIDI Remote integration for enhanced external device mapping
  • Improved editing workflow to make hitting deadlines easier
  • Audio to chords, lets you focus even more on the music
  • Sample accurate volume automation
  • Native Apple silicon support
  • No more USB eLicenser dongle
  • A range of other tool and performance improvements
  • Audio/MIDI/Instrument tracks: 48/64/24
  • Inputs and outputs: 24
  • Group channels: 16
  • FX inserts/send/return channels: 8/8/8
  • VST instrument slots: 16
  • MIDI/Audio effect plug-ins: 16
  • VST instruments: 3
  • Included instrument sounds: >1,000
  • Chord track/Chord Assistant: Yes/Circle of 5th only
  • Side-chain inputs: Yes