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Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2 Pro Bundle from EastWest is a virtual instrument, featuring 4GB of additional samples over the original 12GB of Stormdrum 2’s various acoustic percussion instruments, that range from ethnic drums to found-sound percussion.

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Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2 Pro Bundle from EastWest is a virtual instrument, featuring 4GB of additional samples over the original 12GB of Stormdrum 2’s various acoustic percussion instruments, that range from ethnic drums to found-sound percussion. Also included are over one-hundred film score-oriented MIDI performances, which allow for changing tempo, tuning individual instruments, altering the performances, all without audio degradation. Each one includes dozens of variations, intros and endings.

Stormdrum 2 Pro is a follow up to the hugely successful Stormdrum, featuring over twice the content and with a built-in dedicated playback engine, the PLAY Advanced Sample Engine, which provides an easily searchable browser and the ability for users to customize the sounds. All the sounds were recorded using vintage Neumann microphones in EastWest’s Studio 1.

The MIDI performances are in type 0 MIDI file format, meaning that the sixteen tracks of MIDI data are compressed into a single MIDI file data stream. Data can be played back as is, or expanded to sixteen tracks using the expand/unpack function in a sequencer. Once a template is set up, access is available to every parameter of the sequence. Tempo, muting instruments, adding instruments and parts, changing the tone using velocity and controllers, quantizing etc., are all possible.

Stormdrum 2 Pro Features

  • Virtual instrument featuring acoustic percussion instruments along with MIDI performances created with Roland V-Drums and Zen Drum percussion controllers
  • Over 16GB of 24-bit/44.1 kHz samples
  • Instruments include the struck sound of an eighty-foot metal bridge, Tibetan, Indian and Chinese bells and gongs, Indonesian hand drums, a huge custom floor tom built especially for this collection and many different ethnic and found drum sound
  • Rather than providing loops, the collection includes numerous MIDI performances that provide the ultimate in flexibility
  • Over 100 film score-oriented MIDI performances, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings
  • Up to 24 velocity multi-samples available per percussion instrument
  • Instrument plays back via the PLAY Advanced Sample Engine, a dedicated audio engine/interface providing a powerful streaming engine
  • Reverb section includes multiple impulse responses from halls, and the EastWest Studios and live chambers
  • Multiple effects including dynamics, EQ, amp simulations, delays, and more
  • All instruments listed in a single browser for easy navigation
  • Stereo Swap allows the user to instantly swap the left and right channels. Mono from left, mono from right, or mono sum allow for instant conversion from stereo to mono

New Instruments

  • Chinese Lion drums – three giant drums played by six percussionists
  • Middle Earth Ensemble – performed by eight percussionists playing various bass drums, floor drums and small toms
  • Persian Battle Drums – two large battle drums
  • Trailer Toms – set of eight huge tom ensembles, for out-of-the-box trailer sound
  • Mridangam – two-headed Indian drum capable of dozens of tones like tablas, but with a different harmonic structure with ten-way round robin program that captures every aspect of this instrument.
  • Brushed Percussion – ten new drums played with a variety of brushed techniques
  • Khamak – rare Indian stringed percussion instrument
  • Daf – Persian, high-pitched hand drum
  • Chinese Toms – set of four Chinese toms
  • Chinese Gongs – various new Chinese gongs played with many techniques
  • Chinese Cymbals – various new Chinese cymbals played with many techniques
  • Chinese Blocks – Chinese blocks

Original Instruments

Drumkit and Related
  • Black Kit Basic MOR
  • Black Toms Power 6
  • Black Toms Soundstage 6
  • Ludwig Toms Soundstage 3
  • Octaplus Mallet Toms 9
  • Octaplus Rod Toms 9
  • Octaplus Stick Toms 9
  • Octaplus Toms Monster 9
  • Octaplus Toms Power 9
  • Octaplus Toms Soundstage 9
  • Orchestral Cymbal Rolls
  • Orchestral Marching Kit
    The Beast SR
  • The Beast
Ethnic Drums
  • African Bowl drums
  • Brushed Drums
  • Chinese Kettle Drums
  • Custom Bongos
  • Custom Congas
  • Darabuka with Metals
  • Dholak
  • Dynasty O Daiko
  • Earthquake Ensemble
  • Giant Ambient Dumbek
  • Indonesian Bongos
  • Malaysian Djembe
  • Moroccoan Darubaka
  • Nagado Fortissimo
  • Nepalese Two-Headed Drum
  • O Daiko Set SR
  • O Daiko Set
  • Roman War Drum
  • Table Hits
  • Timbales
  • Tong Zi Set
  • Udu
Ethnic Metals
  • 11 Bowl Gongs
  • Action Melody rev
  • Action Melody
  • Aluminaphone
  • Bowed Bowl Timp
  • Bowed Cymbal
  • Bowed Superball Gongs
  • Brake Drums
  • Cajun Triangle
  • Chinese Cymbal
  • Finger Cymbal 1
  • Finger Cymbal 2
  • Finger Cymbal 3
  • Finger Cymbal 4
  • Giant Buddha Bell
  • Gongs 7inch to 22inch
  • Gongs 24inch to 35inch
  • Hang Drum
  • Indian Hi Bells
  • Indian Low Bells
  • Large Riq
  • Mallet Waterphone
  • Metal Bridge
  • Metal Objects
  • Opera Gong
  • Persian Castanets
  • Prepared FX
  • Spring Drum
  • Tibetan Prayer Circle
  • Waterphone
  • Whale Drum
Woods and Shakers
  • 12 ft Log Drums
  • Aboriginal Percussion
  • Anklungs
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Chinese Noisemaker
  • Chinese Opera Blocks
  • Clacks
  • Danmo
  • Devil Chasers
  • Tambourines
  • Ticki-Ticki
  • Tongue Drum MOD
  • Vietnamese Shakers n Rattles
Sound Design Percussion
  • 120 bpm glitched drone
  • 120 bpm glitched drums
  • 125 bpm glitched drone
  • 125 bpm glitched drums
  • 130 bpm glitched drone
  • 130 bpm glitched drums
  • 135 bpm glitched drone
  • 135 bpm glitched drums
  • 140 bpm glitched drone
  • 140 bpm glitched drums
  • 150 bpm glitched drone
  • 150 bpm glitched drums
  • 160 bpm glitched drone
  • 160 bpm glitched drums
  • Ambient Contortion
  • Ambient Largeness
  • Deja Vu
  • Distorbia
  • Fuzzbox
  • Godzilla Hits SR
  • Godzilla Hits
  • Neural Exposure
  • Old Skool Neve
  • Panic Attack
  • Psycho FX
  • Radiostatic Anomaly
  • Rumpfs
  • Stutter Maker high
  • Stutter Maker low
  • Stutter Maker reg
  • Swoosh Maker high
  • Swoosh Maker low
  • Swoosh Maker reg
Zen Drum Programs
  • Anklungs ZEN m
  • Brushed Drums ZEN m
  • Brushed Drums ZEN
  • Danmo ZEN m
  • Darabuka with Metals ZEN
  • Devil Chasers ZEN
  • Dholak ZEN
  • Earthquake Ensemble ZEN
  • Godzilla Hits ZEN
  • Hang Drum ZEN
  • Indonesian Bongos ZEN m
  • Malaysian Djembe ZEN
  • Moroccoan Darubaka ZEN
  • Nepalese 2hd Drum ZEN m
  • Orchestral Marching ZEN
  • Taikos ZEN
  • The Beast ZEN
  • Tibetan Prayer Circle ZEN
  • Ticki-Ticki ZEN
  • Tong Zi Set ZEN
  • Udu ZEN
  • Whale Drum ZEN