Telefunken AR-70 Stereo Tube Condenser Microphone with Case

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The AR-70 Stereo Tube Condenser Microphone with Case from Telefunken features a matched pair of large diaphragm, dual-sided TK51D capsules, a NOS ECC81 vacuum tube, and a matched pair of German-built, custom-wound T14/1 output transformers.

The AR-70 Stereo includes one fixed cardioid capsule on the bottom, and on top, a capsule wired for remote multi-polar pattern capabilities. This allows the mic to perform multiple stereo recording techniques, as well as a standard single-channel monophonic recording. In stereo mode, the microphone can be set up in standard X/Y configuration, with each capsule orientated 90 degrees from one another. It can also be utilized in Mid-Side (M/S) technique, where the lower capsule is fixed in cardioid, and the upper capsule is rotated 90 degrees and set to the Figure 8 pick-up pattern. The AR-70 Stereo can even be used in “dual mono” mode, which opens up a realm of creative potential.

AR-70 Stereo Tube Condenser Microphone Features

  • flight case
  • custom 7-pin cable
  • wooden mic box
  • power supply with remote polar pattern selector

“Dual Mono” Capsule Configuration

Using the AR-70’s capsules in dual mono, you can utilize drastically different settings on two preamplifiers to create creative and interesting sonic combinations.