Telefunken TDA-2 Dual-Channel Active Direct Box

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Useful in connecting a guitar, keyboard, bass—or indeed, any other instrument with a 1/4″ output—to an XLR input, the Telefunken TDA-2 is a dual-channel DI box. The unit utilizes active, discrete class-A FET circuitry which, when coupled with components such as an OEP/Carnhill transformer, helps you to achieve a tone with clean, high headroom and a warm, saturated timbre. The TD-2 sports other constructive features which recommend it heartily; for instance, its printed circuit boards are assembled by hand with through-hole components; this ensures both security and reliability in its connection points. Additionally, all circuit traces have been gold-plated to bolster conductivity, while the circuit itself has been encased in an extruded aluminum enclosure. As such, you’ll find it more than suitable for the wear and tear of gigging.

The DI box provides a frequency range of 20 Hz to 70 kHz, while both its channels give you a -15 dB pad and a ground lift, should you encounter noise issues. Since each channel has its own, separate controls, you can run two instruments at the same time through the TD-2, thus keeping the footprint down on stage or in the studio. 1/4″ pass-through outputs are also provided on each channel, making this unit very handy in the studio; for instance, you could take a DI off an electric guitar and use the 1/4″ pass-through to plug into an amplifier. In this manner, you can record both the sound of an amped guitar and a clean, dry guitar, giving yourself options in the mix. This is but one of the many uses you may find for this feature.

The circuit runs off of 48 VDC phantom power supplied from a console or recording interface, and an LED indicates when phantom power has been instantiated. Please note that if phantom power isn’t running, you’ll only get a substantially lower, weaker signal out of your instrument.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Custom-wound OEP/Carnhill transformer, made in the UK
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Class-A discrete FET circuitry
  • Recessed switches and connectors for protection
  • +48V phantom powered with LED indicator
  • -15 dB pad switch
  • Ground lift switch
  • 100% through-hole components
  • Amphenol connectors
  • WIMA, Nichicon, and Panasonic capacitors
  • 1% 1/4W metal film resistors