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The XILS-LAB Chor’X plug-in combines four vintage chorus effects based on bucket-brigade delay (BBD) emulations with a True Stereo dynamic spatializer. It allows you to blend all four chorus types to add space and depth to your instruments as well as to create chorusing effects that range from subtle to completely wild.

Chor’X’s four chorus modes closely emulate the analog BBD circuitry of the original Syntex, Dim-D, CS80, and V+330 hardware, to bring you these sought-after, classic chorus effects. The addition of a True Stereo dynamic engine allows you to widen the stereo width of your instruments, while giving you precise control over their position in the stereo image, be it in front of the stereo field or farther back.

Dynamic modulation lets you create ever-changing effects by adding automatic dynamic changes to the rate and amount of all the bucket-brigade delay lines. To protect the low-end of percussive instruments, the Impulse Threshold function enables you to add chorus only to the tail of the instrument, while leaving the transients dry.

The plug-in’s intuitive GUI simplifies the workflow by allowing you to switch between Legacy mode and Advanced modes. Legacy mode makes it easy to quickly access key parameters, while Advanced mode gives you complete access to all the Chor’X controls. Two 2D pads with moving white balls allow you to precisely tweak parameters such as chorus rates, amounts, and more, with instant visual feedback.


Chor’X Features

  • Add space, depth, and other dimensions to your instruments
  • Four bucket-brigade delay (BBD) emulationstwo for the left channel and two for the right channel
  • True stereo dynamic spatializer with True Stereo dynamic engine
  • Four standard chorus structures (with special filtering and compander emulations)
  • Easy and fast workflow with the Legacy/Advanced modes
  • Impulse Threshold lets you affect percussive material while leaving the transients dry, only adding chorus to the tail of the instrument
  • Two 2D pads for easy parameters tweaking
  • Advanced Dry/Wet modulation with impulse follower
  • Advanced Amount modulation with envelope follower
  • Advanced preset management
  • All parameters are MIDI-controllable

Four Legendary Chorus Effects


  • Based on two BBDs and two LFOs per channel, several filters, and an amplifier-based compander emulation


  • Based on one BBD and two LFOs per channel, and several filtersno compander is used in this structure, but the left and right levels are also dependent on the LFOs


  • Based on one BBD per channel and only one LFO dispatched in inverted phase to the left and the right channelsfeatures several filters and a chip-based compander emulation

V+ 330

  • Based on two BBDs and two LFOs per channel, several filters, and an amplifier-based compander emulation

Automatic Dynamic Modulation

  • All 8 BBD parameters can be tweaked via the advanced 2D pad or the dual-concentric knob display
  • When a light is moved in the 2D area, the corresponding delay is modulated according to the light’s position
  • Horizontal movement sets the amount of modulation, vertical movement sets the speed of modulation
  • Right-clicking on a light allows for moving all four lights together, keeping their relative position
  • The HISS knob controls some of the character of the bucket-brigade delay, adding more/less hiss, noise, and non-linearities

True Stereo Dynamic Spatializer

  • True Stereo dynamic engine allows you to put your audio signal in a true stereo space
  • Wet and dry signals can be processed independently
  • Mic Angle sets the position of the microphones and Width makes the space wider / less wide
  • Add chaotic movement to the stereo position of your wet signal with Amount, Speed, Hrz, and Vert controls