The Recording Process

The recording process within audio production is different for each music genre (rock, hip-hop, rap, R&B, blues, etc).  Once basic tracking is complete, an audio engineer will begin to take the project from the 'premix' stage to the 'postmix' stage.


'Mixing' involves manipulating individual audio track levels, panning (stereo imaging), and audio balance through careful use of EQ and compression.  Effects like reverb, delay, and others are also used to enhance the overall effect of each track within a mix.


Throughout the mixing process, each sound in the project gets analyzed for quality and color by human ears.  Once each audio track has been made to sound the best it can, it gets added to the 'mix' until the song is 'mixed.'


After the client approves the mix, the project continues to the final stage of audio production - mastering.  This process allows mastering engineers to give a final tweak of levels and overall sound quality and above all, implement a level bump to give the recording a louder, 'radio competitive' edge.  



Please enjoy the videos below illustrating the recording process in audio production and some examples from past MusicMann Studios clients.  

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