We've Got Good Tone.
We'll Make Your Audio Better. Record with us. Send in your tracks for mixing. Buy recording studio equipment & software.


Award-winning mixing engineers & mastering engineers mix and master your audio projects. Track them yourself or demo them at home before booking some recording studio time.


Looking for recording studio equipment or software to purchase? Our unique sales force has decades of recording studio and retail experience.


Our audio engineers provide free consultation with every install. Let us design your recording studio control room, your house of worship sound system, your health club intercom sound system, or live outdoor venue stage audio system.

For 15 years MusicMann Studios has offered business solutions for customers of all types including audio production, audio mixing, audio mastering, recording studio equipment sales and retail, venue design and installation consultation, acoustic treatment consultation and installation, and more.

Audio Recording

We choose the best microphone for the right sound. Put it in the right spot through the best preamp.

Audio Mixing

Use only the best analog gear and high end software to get your tracks to meld with each other.

Recording Studio Equipment Sales

Buy the gear or software the pros use. We sell the best audio production equipment because we use the best audio production equipment.

Installation, Design & Acoustic treatment

Is your venue too noisy? Not noisy enough? Talk to our staff about a new PA or acoustic treatment install for your house of worship, bad, dance school, fitness center, or conference room.

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