Located in Bay View, MusicMann Studios is a full-service, 4 room professional recording studio in Milwaukee. Customers may purchase music and audio recording, editing, and mixing  sessions, all billed at an hourly rate.  MusicMann Studios likewise offers music production, artist development, in addition to audio mastering services.  Schedule vocals lessons from Grammy nominated vocal instructor Tamara Anderson 

In addition, we offer guitar and bass lessons, as well as audio recording and audio mastering training.  Television together with motion picture audio and video production services are also available for purchase.  

Not only do our engineers have decades of experience as performers but that experience is coupled with years as audio engineers. We use that combination to make your project live, breathe, and soar.  Moreover, we are constantly in pursuit of good tone.  Clients may feel free to use any of our complimentary equipment not to mention our house drum kit, bass rig, and multiple guitar amplifiers.   Not to mention many guitars and an upright and electric piano, or use the thousands of sounds in our MIDI library.

Our belief is that artists should be able to record professional quality tracks and likewise enjoy themselves while doing it.  Conversely, we offer competitive pricing.  This allows customers the freedom to explore different ideas, sounds, and arrangements.  In other words, "everyone benefits when more people make more music more often."

MusicMann Studios offers our customers many high end microphones, preamps, and compressors at no additional cost.

MusicMann Studios has credits including local and national press, airplay, and international television airplay.