MusicMann Studios is an award-winning recording studio.  We are also an authorized retailer in pro audio, live sound, recording studio equipment, video, musical instruments & accessories.

The company was founded by musician and recording engineer Michael Mann in 2004.  Starting as a recording studio & rehearsal space leasing company MusicMann Studios quickly grew to add audio/music production, artist development, music lessons, and consulting services.

MusicMann Studios Is A Certified Merchant Reseller For All Physical Products And Software Related To Music Production, Live Sound, Recording Studios, Music Education, Performance Audio, Audio Engineering & Music Career Development.

Audio Engineering Basics

Listen to each Audio track

Each audio track needs polishing depending on the desired on the quality of the recording and the desired outcome for the final mix.  

think Long Term

Roll off bottom end on vocals, kick drum, and bass guitars.  Use parallel compression.  Reverbs should be added tastefully.  They can become overpowering very quickly.  

Death by 1000 Cuts

Most of the time very minor corrections and adjustments add up to achieve the desired audio mix.  No one process should be entirely audible. Professional sounding audio mixes are usually a result of many processors and tasks doing minimal tasks.  

recording studio
recording studio

Recording Studio Equipment Retail

Our staff has spent a lifetime buying and using the recording studio equipment and software we sell. 

We’ve got live sound engineers, professional musicians, former big box recording studio equipment retailer assistant general managers.  

Our staff is pro tools certified consultants, former collegiate-level educators and instructors, and hired guns from all aspects of the music industry.

Our network of affiliates and industry insiders will get your design or project completed ahead of time and under budget.  Our expert industry knowledge allows us to get the best fitting gear in the tightest spot.  

You don’t need to buy the most expensive item to achieve your desired result.  Let us show you options, design tweaks, install techniques, and more to get your organization moving.

recording studio