Shape your sound

Our engineers have decades of experience recording artists of all genres.  Wether it’s tracking, editing, mixing, mastering – we’ve got you covered.


Set up, find the right mic for the right sound, put it in the right place, dial in gain & go!


Assemble recording in preparation for the final sound mixing or mastering.


Enhance each audio track's volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and stereoscopic position.

Pricing & Services

platinum rate

commercial audio/video rate
$ 150 Hourly
  • marketing campaigns
  • movie scores
  • video game scores
  • video editing
  • logo animation
best value

base rate

basic studio time
$ 75 Hourly
  • audio editing
  • audio mixing
  • track normalization
  • audio repair
  • video editing
Most Popular

audio mastering

No limitations
$ 50 Per Song
  • level balancing
  • pan normalization
  • final eQ
  • loudness maximization
  • WAV & MP3 generation


Helping artists make their best music since 2004