Avantone Pro CK-6+ Classic Large Diaphragm Cardioid FET Microphone

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The Avantone Pro CK-6+ is a large-diaphragm, condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, well suited for capturing vocals, acoustic string instruments, drum overheads, piano, and more, in a professional or home studio environment. The mic features a 34mm / 6μm capsule, transformerless FET circuitry, and high-grade capacitors, allowing it to deliver an airy, open top end with a solid low end.

The CK-6+’s body is milled from a single piece of solid brass, which in combination with the included, custom shockmount, helps to prevent unwanted vibrations from reaching the capsule. A metallic, cabernet-red body finish, accented with polished nickel trim, gives the mic a retro look and feel.

The switchable, -10 dB pad allows you to close-mic high-SPL sources without overloading the circuitry, and a switchable, 80 Hz, low-frequency roll-off helps reduce problematic rumble and booming low frequencies.

The CK-6+ ships with a padded, wooden mic box and a padded aluminum storage/travel case.

CK-6+ Features

  • Proprietary, single backplate, 34mm / 6μm capsule with a cardioid polar pattern
  • Transformerless FET circuitry
  • High-grade polystyrene and metalized polypropylene capacitors in the audio path
  • Body milled from a single piece of solid brass
  • Metallic, cabernet-red body finish, accented with polished nickel trim
  • -10 dB attenuation pad can be switched when close-miking high SPL sources
  • Switch 80 Hz roll-off to reduce rumble and low frequencies
  • Custom retro shock mount protects microphone from unwanted vibrations
  • Includes padded, wooden mic box and padded aluminum storage/travel case