BOZ DIGITAL BozBendeth Hoser and +10db Software Bundle (Download)

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The BozBendeth Bundle from Boz Digital is a compendium of David Bendeth’s signature plug-ins. In this bundle, you get the Hoser, the Hoser XT, and the +10db channel strip. Both the Hosers are hardware-modeled parametric EQs with analog-style VU meters and low-/high-band peak/shelf options. The +10db, on the other hand, is a full-on channel strip, replete with its own EQ and compressor which has been modeled on an iconic vintage unit. This bundle is compatible for Mac and Windows platforms, and it will operate in AAX, AU, RTAS, VST, and VST3 formats.

BOZ DIGITAL The Hoser XT – Modeled Ward Beck Channel EQ Plug-In (Download)

The Hoser XT from Boz Digital is a David Bendeth signature plug-in, modeled after the Ward-Beck Systems M462B analog hardware EQ. The software can deliver extreme amounts of gain without adding harshness, while simultaneously using small amounts of processing power to preserve CPU usage.

The plug-in provides three operational modes: Stereo, Linked, and Mid/Side. In addition to processing the left and right channels separately (to add some stereo width to a mono track, or match the tone of a stereo source), a mid/side mode has been added for further processing, and a linked mode processes both channels together. A shelf/peak switch allows the user to set the lowest band and the highest band of the EQ to act as either a shelf or a peak/notch. Included with the purchase of The Hoser XT is The Hoser, a feature-reduced version of the XT.

  • Model of Ward-Beck Systems M462B hardware EQ unit
  • Three channel modes – Stereo, Linked, Mid/Side
  • Lowest and highest frequency bands can function in either shelf mode or peak/notch mode
  • CPU efficient
  • Includes The Hoser (more compact version of this plug-in)

BOZ DIGITAL +10db Compressor – Dynamics Plug-In (Download)

The +10db Compressor from Boz Digital is a dynamics plug-in modeled after the ADR Compex compressor. The original hardware was used on many famous 80’s rock albums where the unit was mainly employed (though not exclusively) for creating signature, “huge” drum sounds. In addition to recreating the sound of the analog hardware, the company added a dry pass-through knob for making parallel compression easy, without having to set up extra buses.

BOZ DIGITAL +10db Equaliser – Modeled EQ Plug-In (Download)

The +10db Equaliser from Boz Digital is a plug-in modeled after the EQ section of the ADR F769X-R Vocal Stresser. The original hardware used a different approach to the standard series-configuration EQ by employing a parallel configuration, which can make for some interesting effects, especially for bands that are close together. The result is that more extreme boost and cut settings can be used without the resulting signal becoming harsh.

To preserve the spectral integrity of the original analog filters, the company did not utilize any digital pre-warping. Instead, each filter has a symmetric frequency response all the way up to the Nyquist frequency, delivery a natural and musical response in the high frequencies.