BOZ DIGITAL ProVocative – Micro Pitch Shifter Plug-In (Download)

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Versatile and easy-to-use, BOZ DIGITAL ProVocative is a micro pitch shifter plug-in that emulates a technique popularized in the 1980s for adding thickness and width to lead vocals, synths, guitars, and even drums. The effect is achieved by making two copies of the incoming signal and shifting up the pitch of one copy while shifting down the other. Both copies are slightly delayed, panned left/right, and blended with the original signal to produce effects ranging from subtle thickening to super-wide doubling.

The Pitch knob determines the intensity of the effect. Use a small offset value to create a familiar shimmering, modulating effect, or increase the intensity for a lush, stereo-chorus effect. The Delay knob sets the amount of time the effect signal is delayed. A short delay time produces a thickening effect while a long delay time can be used to create modulating slap-back echo effects.

The high- and low-pass filter section enables you to target the effect to a specific set of frequencies, great to add thickness to the midrange of a bass guitar while leaving the low end unaffected, allowing the bass to cut through the mix without muddying the low end. The Width knob controls the panning of the shifted tracks, from stereo to center, and discrete Wet and Dry knobs let you blend the wet and dry signals together.

ProVocative is designed to be as light as possible on your CPU so you may instance it on many tracks without eating up your processing power, while preserving the audio quality of your signal.

ProVocative Features

  • Tight, doubling effect
  • Add thickness and width to vocals and instrument tracks
  • Pitch shifting effect followed by short modulated delay
  • Pitch shifting algorithm is applied to the left and right channels separately
  • High- and low-pass filter section targets the effect to a specific set of frequencies
  • Discrete Wet and Dry knobs give you control over the wet/dry blend