BOZ DIGITAL The Wall – Brickwall Mastering Limiter Plug-In (Download)

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The Wall from BOZ DIGITAL is a brickwall limiter plug-in designed to maximize the loudness of your tracks, without sacrificing the sonic quality of your mix. Optimized for mastering applications, it adds a final level of transparent control, using two limiting algorithms that prevent your program from clipping, while keeping the punch in your drums and the tonality of your master free from distortion or “pumping” artifacts.

The controls are very simple to use, but quite powerful. To reduce the complexity of setting up a limiter while dialing in your sound, 30 parameters such as release/attack times, look-ahead times, window shapes or multi-band crossover frequencies were combined into a single, intuitive “Flavor” control. Just set your level and adjust the Flavor fader until it sounds good with your song.

Other options include a stereo link that lets you apply the same amount of compression to your left and right channels, Sanity Check to match the output level to the input level so that you can quickly A/B your results, and MFiT, which optimizes the software when mastering your tracks to a lossy format such as MP3, AAC, and others.

The Wall Features

  • Brickwall mastering limiter allows for making your track sound louder, without sacrificing the quality of your mix
  • Large variety of styles, with simple user interface
  • Smooth limiter mode — favors compression and minimizes distortion, for music styles that are not percussive
  • Aggressive limiter mode — more aggressive on percussion, letting transients come through, without causing pumping
  • Flavor — moving the fader to the left will favor heavier compression and slower release, while moving the fader to the right will favor faster release times and higher distortion
  • Sanity Check normalizes your level so you can compare your original sound with the compressed sound, without introducing a level change
  • Up to 8x oversampling to prevent intersample clipping
  • Stereo Link applies the same amount of compression to your left and right channels
  • Dithering helps improve the dynamic range when converting your sound from a high bit-depth to a lower bit-depth
  • MFiT button — optimizes software set up when mastering to a lossy format such as MP3, AAC, and others
  • Crafted to be as light as possible on your CPU — can be used on many tracks without eating up your processing power