IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange Guitar Amplifier and Cabinet Emulation Software (Download)

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AmpliTube Orange from IK Multimedia provides amplifier and cabinet emulations modeled on classic Orange units. In stand-alone mode, this software can be utilized for live performances in conjunction with any footswitch that allows you to access its instant preset-switching, a feature which allows you to load pre-saved guitar chains on the fly. In the studio, the stand-alone app also functions as a 2-channel recorder for your ideas.

Used in any DAW such as Pro Tools or Logic, the software allows you to process DI’d guitar and bass through simulations of various pieces of guitar-related gear, and thus approximate a more realistic Orange tone. Essentially, AmpliTube Orange provides you with an emulated pedalboard, a modeled amplifier, a cabinet stage, and an effects rack, all of which are yours to tweak however you see fit. Not only that, you get two sets of the aforementioned items, and you’re able to route your signal through each model in any manner you choose; mono chains, stereo setups, and dual-stages of amplification are possible, as are creative combinations in practically any assortment you could cobble together. For added convenience, the program includes an on-board chromatic tuner.

It is also worth noting that the tools in AmpliTube Orange work well in conjunction with analog synths, electric pianos, drums, and even soft-synths. This software is compatible with Mac and PC platforms, and will work in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats running at 64-bit.

8 Orange Amplifier Emulations

  • AD200B MK 3 amplifier head
  • Dual Terror amplifier head
  • OR50H Head
  • Thunderverb 200 amplifier head
  • Tiny Terror amplifier head
  • AD30TC combo amplifier
  • OR120 amplifier head
  • RockerVerb 50 MKII amplifier head

9 Orange Cabinet Emulations

  • OBC115 1 x 15″
  • OBC410 4 x 10″
  • OBC810 8 x 10″
  • PPC112 1 x 12″
  • PPC212 2 x 12″
  • PPC212 Open-Back 2 x 12″
  • PPC412 4 x 12″
  • Tiny Terror 1 x 12″ combo
  • AD30TC 2 x 12″ combo

AmpliTube Orange Features

  • Stand-alone and plug-in software for Mac/PC
  • Mix and match amps, cabinets, mics, and more
  • Orange-approved tones
  • 5 separate modules: Tuner, configurable Stomp pedal board, amp head, cabinet+mic, and rack effects
  • 2 fully configurable rigs with up to 32 simultaneous effects
  • Can be controlled live with StealthPedal, StealthBoard, and/or any traditional MIDI controller

Additional Features

  • DSM (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) and VRM (Volumetric Response Modeling) technologies for realistic emulation of real world gear
  • Works as a plug-in for studio recording and mixing in any DAW
  • Native compatibility with 64-bit applications and operating systems
  • Stand-alone app features instant preset-switching for live performances
  • Up to 96 kHz supported sample rate
  • DAW automation and BPM synchronization
  • String together up to 12 stomps, two amp heads, two cabs, two dual-mic arrays, and eight rack effects in eight serial/parallel configurations
  • Movable microphones allow you to mic the cabinet similarly to real-world studio and live environments
  • Stereo signal path makes it suitable for any type of instrument including drums, keyboards, vocals, and more
  • Preset database with multiple guitar and bass oriented tags and keywords
  • Advanced search function, rig visualization, and online sharing service for user presets (Preset XChange)
  • Integrates with IK’s range of audio interfaces and controllers such as iRig HD, iRig Pro DUO, iRig Pro and iRig 2 allows for instant recording and performing in the studio or on stage with full programming at the software level
  • 2-track built-in recorder with DAW-like features enables you to quickly capture ideas
  • Imports any WAV, AIFF, SD2, Apple CAF, FLAC, MP3 audio file (Standalone version)
  • SpeedTrainer for speeding up/slowing down imported tracks without affecting the pitch, suitable for practicing and transcribing (standalone version)