Mogami Gold 8-Channel DB-25 to XLR Female Analog Snake Cable (10’)

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The Mogami Gold 8-Channel DB25 to XLRF Analog Snake Cable offers renowned quality and reliable connectivity between analog multichannel devices in touring setups, project studios, and commercial facilities. It is based on Mogami’s own #2932 Neglex multipair snake cable, which is well respected for its neutral tone, remarkable transmission of audio detail, noise-free background, and super-flexible jacket.

Each length of audio channel wire is individually shielded with numbered jackets for simplified organization of cable clusters. Inner conductors and outer jackets are color-coded for quick identification. Sturdy metal shells and thumbscrews ensure long-lasting durability.

*NOTE* – Available by special order only.

Mogami Gold 8-Channel DB25 to XLRF Analog Snake Features

  • Rugged, noise-proof all metal D-sub shells and state-of-the-art pin termination
  • Easy-to-grab metal thumb screws
  • An excellent choice for patch bays where D-sub interfaces are becoming increasingly popular