Mogami Gold Keys S-10R Stereo Keyboard Cables (Pair, 10′)

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The pair of Gold Keys S-R Stereo Keyboard Cables with right-angle and straight 1/4″ TS connectors from Mogami is designed to let the true sound of your stereo keyboard come through loud and clear. The Gold Keyboard S Cable is particularly suited for, and capable of handling, the wide frequency range of keyboards, as it is a sonically neutral cable; it has a very wide bandwidth for highly detailed, accurate sound.

The Gold Key S stereo unbalanced keyboard cables are made with Mogami’s 2965 Siamese left/right configuration, oxygen-free copper core cabling, for cleaner wiring and enhanced ruggedness. Moreover, the 2965 utilizes Mogami’s Ultra High Density Spiral Shield for an extremely low noise floor.

Furthermore, depending on the application, the combination of Neutrik’s 90-degree connector on one side, and the straight connector on the other, gives the musician or engineer the opportunity of choosing which best serves his or her purpose. Utilizing the right-angle connector on either side of the instrument hookup chain can save space and extend cable life due to its minimized size and angle of the connector. Finally, each cable is marked – one with red tape and the other with white to differentiate between the cables’ stereo signals.

*NOTE* – available by special order only.