NuGen Audio Surround Suite – Surround Mixing Plug-In Bundle (Download)

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NuGen Audio Surround Suite bundles the Halo Upmix, Halo Downmix, ISL 2, and SEQ-S plug-ins to provide post and broadcast engineers with a consistent surround workflow to upmix, downmix, and reshape multichannel sound.

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NuGen Audio Surround Suite bundles the Halo Upmix, Halo Downmix, ISL 2, and SEQ-S plug-ins to provide post and broadcast engineers with a consistent surround workflow to upmix, downmix, and reshape multichannel sound. The suite offers all of the tools necessary to achieve natural and coherent upmixing from stereo to 5.1 and 7.1. Create precise downmixes of surround material to a stereo mix, as well as tweak and refine your mix with true peak limiting and powerful linear phase EQ sculpting/matching/morphing.

The plug-ins provide you with full access to surround balances and individual surround channels, clear visual feedback, and the ability to regulate low-frequency content with no phase warping.

NuGen Audio Halo Upmix – Stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 Upmixer Plug-In (Download)

Halo Upmix from NuGen Audio is a plug-in that provides all the controls necessary for fine-tuning a surround mix. Perfect for all types of production, from archive restoration and TV, through to the full 7.1 feature film experience, the software provides comprehensive centre channel management and switchable dialog extraction.

Real-time analysis of the stereo material identifies and extracts locational cues to aid in extending the panorama without the introduction of any artificial reverberation, chorusing or delay into the downmix. A coherent spatial sound assures a good downmix and maintains the relationship between the original, upmixed and downmixed versions, useful for TV re-purposing for instance.

Centre channel extraction and control is available when dealing with intricate mixes, where no access to the original stems is available, and includes neural-network-based dialogue extraction. Additionally, Halo includes a spatial analysis view, showing the energy distribution of the upmixed panorama, and color can be used to indicate the speaker source for audio in any position.


  • Stem and group upmixing
  • 7.1 cinematic sound stage enhancement
  • TV stereo to surround upmixing with hard centre
  • Re-purposing of original stereo for cinematic release
  • TV archive enhancement for 5.1 broadcast
  • Natural extension of original stereo panoramas and atmospheres

Stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 Upmix

  • Including – LCR, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 and 7.1

Downmix Compatible

  • Coherent spatial upmix
  • “Exact” downmix mode
  • In-place downmix audition

Natural Panoramic Extension

  • Preserves character of original audio
  • No artificial reverb, chorus or delays introduced to downmix
  • Full access to all surround balances

Detailed Centre Channel Control

  • Neural network dialog extraction
  • Low-frequency energy dispersal
  • Clear phantom vs. hard center control

Spatial Analysis and Intuitive Control

  • Clear visual feedback representing surround panorama
  • Workflow enhancing direct control over upmix parameters
  • Full LFE control options

NuGen Audio Halo Downmix – Surround to Stereo Downmixer Plug-In (Download)

Halo Downmix from NuGen Audio is a plug-in designed to create precise downmixes of surround material to a stereo mix, or to re-balance existing surround mixes. It provides audio post-production engineers with the controls necessary to generate stereo mixes for television within a surround workflow, rapidly deliver a controlled stereo downmix of a 5.1/7.1 feature film, or fine-tune existing surround audio where access to the original mix is not possible.

Halo Downmix’s flexible and intuitive interface allows for critical listening and rapid assessment of mix issues with features such as surround/stereo monitoring modes, “in-place” monitoring, and quick-linked solo/mute at every stage. Equipped with a meter that provides real-time analysis of the surround energy distribution, the plug-in enables you to adjust the surround mix before it is downmixed to stereo. You can set the balance between the direct and ambient signals, remove rear-channel delay artifacts, regulate low-frequency content, and easily achieve accurate surround/stereo coherence, from the initial surround material.

Precise Downmix and Surround Re-Balancing

  • Surround 5.1/7.1 to stereo downmixing
  • Maintain dialog quality
  • Remove rear-channel delay artifacts — automatic rear-channel delay detection
  • Control excess ambient energy — ambient/direct sound balance
  • Fine-tune surround to surround material
  • Regulate low-frequency content
  • Surround input width control
  • Rear-channel shelf filters


  • Stereo-mix production for television within a surround workflow
  • Rapidly produce a controlled, precise stereo downmix of a 5.1 or 7.1 feature film
  • Generate a stereo mix from surround where no stereo recording exists
  • Produce stereo interim listening mixes in a surround workflow
  • Simultaneous surround/stereo workflow
  • Surround re-balancing
  • Downmix rescue
  • Surround restoration

Flexible and Intuitive Interface

  • 7.1 and 5.1 modes
  • Advance and compact modes
  • Quick-select “in-place” monitoring of stereo and surround
  • Quick-linked solo and mute at every stage

Reliable Metering

  • Full input and output level metering
  • Direct numerical entry of all gain offsets
  • Adjustable meter color splits
  • Surround energy distribution visualization

NuGen Audio ISL 2 – Real Time True Peak Limiter Plug-In (Download)

ISL 2 from NuGen Audio is a true peak limiter designed for use in audio mixing and mastering, and provides the necessary final step when preparing audio for broadcast. Look ahead functionality means the audio is examined before it actually passes through the limiter, helping to ensure that any transient peaks are limited correctly to avoid distortion. The true peak limit can be set directly to help ensure compliance with broadcast standards across a variety of mediums.

With steering and ducking meters, the software provides the perfect settings. Whether preserving directional integrity, atmospheric ambience or taming a surround centre channel, the plug-in delivers the information and control needed to achieve those goals. Processing enhancements assess the incoming audio for frequency content and automatically take care of any minor adjustments required when LF content drives the limiter, delivering increased transparency whilst maintaining intuitive operation.

Transparent True Peak Limiting

  • Adjust adjustable look ahead
  • Two stage, non-linear adaptive algorithm
  • Adjustable channel linking
  • Includes iTunes True Peak option

Standard Compliant

  • Compatible with ITU-R BS. 1770
  • True brick-wall limited output
  • Mono through 5.1 surround compatible

Clear Intuitive Operation

  • Intelligent adaptive algorithm
  • Clear metering
  • Multiple diagnostic listen modes

Reliable Metering

  • Accurate, standard compliant I/O metering
  • Precise direct numeric maxima
  • Adjustable ballistics and color splits


Compatible with all recommendations and guidance based upon the international standard ITU-R B.S. 1770, revisions 1, 2 and 3 including

  • ATSC A/85 (Calm Act)
  • EBU R128
  • EBU R128 S1
  • ARIB TR-B32
  • OP-59
  • AGCOM 219/9/CSP
  • Portaria 354
  • DPP

NuGen Audio SEQ-S Linear Phase EQ – Spline “Match” EQ Plug-In (Download)

SEQ-S Linear Phase EQ from NUGEN Audio is a plug-in that provides sonic sculpting and EQ matching up to 7.1, with stereo mid-side operation and automated spectrum analysis. The software allows for manipulating and correcting any audio with higher resolution than can be achieved with a traditional parametric EQ interface. A direct-draw interface and detailed spectrum analysis make it easy to quickly identify and specifically fine-tune audio.

Additionally EQ matching via sonic fingerprinting provides some unique possibilities. The plug-in can be used to match one recording to another by capturing the “flavor” of the source audio and then transferring it to the current work. This is especially useful for restoration and harmonization work. Or the same technique can be applied to individual tracks to unify different takes, microphone positions, and more.

EQ Invert control delivers a minimally-invasive technique for creating space in a complex mix where traditional EQs are just too destructive. By “sampling” the vocal and applying the inverted curve to the backing, specific space can be gently created without unnecessarily altering the original tonality of the underlying audio. A “Quality Setting” provides extra precision in the low frequencies, allowing for highly transparent adjustments without muddying the mix. The resolution can be scaled to suit any task.

Linear Phase Technology

  • Transparent sound without phase smearing
  • Sharper transients
  • No phase warping

High Specification Match EQ

  • Match different takes and environments
  • Mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 operation
  • Clone source EQ to target mix

Create Specific EQ Spaces

  • Invert facility to sculpt specific space
  • Mid/Side options available
  • Individual surround channel access

Precise and Scalable

  • Easily generate complex curves
  • Curve scale and smoothing
  • Intuitive zoom-able interface