On-Stage Stands Adjustable Slatwall Guitar Hanger

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Great for store showrooms, our GS7650AB Adjustable Slatwall Guitar Hanger mounts to slatwall and holds a guitar by the headstock. Its hinged yoke can point left, right, or straight ahead. Padding on the yoke increases grip to keep the guitar safely in place and protects the instrument’s finish. For efficient use on slatwall, the mounting bracket’s top lip inserts directly into the wall slot and secures the baseplate—no hardware required. Arrangement on the wall is easily achieved by simply sliding the hanger to the desired position, making quick work of setting up multiple-guitar displays.

GS7650AB Features

  • Swiveling yoke enables optimal guitar display and accessibility
  • Baseplate mounts directly to slatwall, eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Heavy-duty construction reliably holds a guitar weighing up to 11 lb
  • Padding on the contact points protects the guitar from scratches