On-Stage Stands SS7745LOK Subwoofer Pole With Locking Adapter

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Set your speakers straight with this On-Stage Stands SS7745LOK Speaker Sub Pole With Locking Adapter. All speaker/speaker stand connections have some degree of wobble. Its special speaker adapter provides an effective, automatic response to crooked and tilted speaker setups. The weight of the upper speaker activates the adapter, which expands to fill the gap between the pole and the insert. Your speaker will stand straight, giving you peace of mind and adding a professional look to your setup. Weight capacity is 100 lb.

On-Stage Stands SS7745LOK Features

  • Eliminates speaker wobble
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Weight of the speaker activates the adapter
  • Expanding pressure pads fill gaps between the pole and insert
  • Works with any 1 3/8″ speaker pole/stand
  • Weight capacity: 100 lb.


  • Shaft Length Adj.: 26″-37″