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I Wish from Polyverse is a granular pitch-freezer plug-in, inspired by and developed with Infected Mushroom. It can take any sound passing through it (a vocal recording, drum beat, even noise), and instantly freeze it in time and pitch. The resulting audio can then be manipulated and modulated to create various musical effects and sounds.

When a note is triggered from a MIDI controller, the plug-in plays a tiny loop of the passing audio at the pitch of the note, but with the frequency content of the audio input. This allows the creation of an array of highly musical effects, ranging from robotic speech, glitch effects, to countless synthesizer sounds.

I Wish Features

  • Pitch freezer plug-in
  • Real-time polyphonic wavetable synthesizer
  • Modulate pitch and formant
  • Pitch-based micro-editing on the fly
  • Produce extremely controlled stutter effects
  • Developed with Infected Mushroom