PSP Audioware PSP N2O Multi-Effect Semi-Modular Plug-In (Download)

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PSP Audioware PSP N20 is a multi-effect plug-in. Its semi-modular design offers flexibility in mixing, sound design, and production contexts.

Use up to four sound processing operators at a time, including resonant and formant filters, equalizers, delays, pitch-shifters, bit-crushers, and more. Four modulators, including LFOs, envelope detectors, and ADSR step sequencers, are at your disposal. The interface offers eight assignable knobs, which can be MIDI-mapped quickly and easily. With 192 factory presets, you’ll be up and running with creative sounds in no time.

This plug-in is available for Mac and Windows platforms. It will operate in AU, VST, RTAS, and AAX formats.